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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1985Poverty in Major Industrialized CountriesSmeeding, Timothy; Rainwater, Lee; Schaber, Gaston; Hauser, Richard; Rein, Martin
1987The Luxembourg Income Study: The Use of Telecommunications in the Social SciencesRainwater, Lee; Smeeding, Timothy
1988Inequalities in the Economic Well-Being of Children and Adults in Ten NationsRainwater, Lee
1988Equivalence Scales, Well-Being, Inequality and Poverty: Sensitivity Estimates Across Ten Countries Using the LIS DatabaseSmeeding, Timothy; Schmaus, Gunther; Buhmann, Brigitte; Rainwater, Lee
1990Poverty and Equivalence as Social ConstructionsRainwater, Lee
1990Changing Inequality Structures in Europe: The Challenge to Social ScienceRainwater, Lee
1990Economic Well-Being among Men 55-64 Without Earnings: A Six Country ComparisonRein, Martin; Rainwater, Lee
1991Cross-National Trends in Income Poverty and Dependency: The Evidence for Young Adults in the EightiesRainwater, Lee; Smeeding, Timothy
1992Poverty in American EyesRainwater, Lee
1993Going to Extremes: An International Perspective on the Economic Status of the Untied States AgedSmeeding, Timothy M.; Torrey, Barbara B.; Rainwater, Lee
1993The Social Wage in the Income Package of Working ParentsRainwater, Lee
1994Income Distribution in European CountriesAtkinson, Anthony Barnes; Rainwater, Lee; Smeeding, Timothy Michael
1994Income Distribution in Advanced Economies: The Evidence from the Luxembourg Income Study (LIS)Atkinson, Anthony Barnes; Rainwater, Lee; Smeeding, Timothy Michael
1995The Western Welfare State in The 1990s: Toward a New Model of Antipoverty Policy for Families with ChildrenDanziger, Sheldon H.; Smeeding, Timothy Michael; Rainwater, Lee
1995Doing Poorly: The Real Income of American Children in a Comparative PerspectiveRainwater, Lee; Smeeding, Timothy Michael
1997Demography or Income Packaging: What Explains the Income Distribution of The Netherlands?Rainwater, Lee; Smeeding, Timothy Michael
2000United States Poverty in a Cross-National ContextSmeeding, Timothy M.; Rainwater, Lee; Burtless, Gary
2002Regional Poverty within the Rich CountriesJesuit, David; Rainwater, Lee; Smeeding, Timothy
2002Comparing Living Standards Across Nations: Real Incomes at the Top, the Bottom and the MiddleSmeeding, Timothy M.; Rainwater, Lee
2004Welfare state expenditures and the distribution of child opportunitiesGarfinkel, Irwin; Rainwater, Lee; Smeeding, Timothy