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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1998 Job Search Methods and OutcomesAddison, John T.; Portugal, Pedro
2001 Unemployment Duration: Competing and Defective RisksAddison, John T.; Portugal, Pedro
2001 Job Search Methods and OutcomesAddison, John T.; Portugal, Pedro
2002 Disentangling the Minimum Wage Puzzle: An Analysis of Worker Accessions and SeparationsPortugal, Pedro; Cardoso, Ana Rute
2003 Bargained Wages, Wage Drift and the Design of the Wage Setting SystemCardoso, Ana Rute; Portugal, Pedro
2003 Six ways to leave unemploymentPortugal, Pedro; Addison, John T.
2004 Key Elasticities in Job Search Theory : International EvidenceAddison, John T.; Centeno, Mário; Portugal, Pedro
2004 Reservation Wages, Search Duration, and Accepted Wages in EuropeAddison, John T.; Centeno, Mário; Portugal, Pedro
2004 How does the unemployment insurance system shape the time profile of jobless duration?Addison, John T.; Portugal, Pedro
2004 The European Labour Markets - Disincentive Effects of Unemployment Benefits on the Paths Out of UnemploymentPortugal, Pedro; Addison, John
2006 US unemployment duration: has long become longer or short become shorter?Machado, José A. F.; Portugal, Pedro; Guimaraes, Juliana
2006 Market power, dismissal threat and rent sharing: the role of insider and outsider forces in wage bargainingCarneiro, Anabela; Portugal, Pedro
2006 Wages and the risk of displacementCarneiro, Anabela; Portugal, Pedro
2006 Earnings losses of displaced workers: evidence from a matched employer-employee data setCarneiro, Anabela; Portugal, Pedro
2006 Employment dynamics and the structure of labor adjustment costsVarejão, José; Portugal, Pedro
2007 Spatial and temporal aggregation in the estimation of labor demand functionsVarejão, José; Portugal, Pedro
2007 Labor adjustment costs in a panel of establishments: a structural approachEjarque, João Miguel; Portugal, Pedro
2007 How do different entitlements to unemployment benefits affect the transitions from unemployment into employment?Addison, John T.; Portugal, Pedro
2007 Workers' flows and real wage cyclicalityCarneiro, Anabela; Portugal, Pedro
2008 Do Reservation Wages Really Decline? Some International Evidence on the Determinants of Reservation WagesAddison, John T.; Centeno, Mário; Portugal, Pedro