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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2002 Mincer's Overtaking Point on the Lifecycle Earnings DistributionPolachek, Solomon W.
2003 Mincer's Overtaking Point and the Lifecycle Earnings DistributionPolachek, Solomon W.
2003 What Can We Learn About the Decline in U.S. Union Membership from International Data?Polachek, Solomon W.
2004 How the human capital model explains why the gender wage gap narrowedPolachek, Solomon W.
2004 How the Human Capital Model Explains Why the Gender Wage Gap NarrowedPolachek, Solomon W.
2004 How Outsourcing Affects Bilateral Political RelationsPolachek, Solomon W.
2005 Medical interventions among pregnant women in fee-for-service and managed care insurance: a propensity score analysisTurcotte, Leo; Robst, John; Polachek, Solomon W.
2005 The effects of incomplete employee wage information: a cross-country analysisPolachek, Solomon W.; Xiang, Jun
2005 Do former college athletes earn more at work? A nonparametric assessmentHenderson, Daniel J.; Olbrecht, Alexandre; Polachek, Solomon W.
2006 Geographic proximity, trade and international conflict/cooperationRobst, John; Polachek, Solomon W.; Chang, Yuan-Ching
2006 Trade, peace and democracy: an analysis of dyadic disputePolachek, Solomon W.; Seiglie, Carlos
2007 Earnings over the lifecycle: the Mincer earnings function and its applicationsPolachek, Solomon W.
2007 How disasters affect local labor markets: the effects of hurricanes in FloridaBelasen, Ariel R.; Polachek, Solomon W.
2008 How opportunity costs decrease the probability of war in an incomplete information gamePolachek, Solomon W.; Xiang, Jun
2008 How hurricanes affect employment and wages in local labor marketsBelasen, Ariel R.; Polachek, Solomon W.
2009 The Gender Pay Gap across Countries: A Human Capital ApproachPolachek, Solomon W.; Xiang, Jun
2010 Does conflict disrupt growth? Evidence of the relationship between political instability and national economic performancePolachek, Solomon W.; Sevastianova, Daria
2013 Heterogeneity in the production of human capitalPolachek, Solomon W.; Das, Tirthatanmoy; Thamma-Apiroam, Rewat
2014 Equal pay legislation and the gender wage gapPolachek, Solomon W.
2015 The gender pay gap across countries: A human capital approachPolachek, Solomon W.; Xiang, Jun