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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1995 The impact of regionalism on the multilateral trading order: French tariff bargaining in the Uruguay RoundPiazolo, Daniel
1996 TAFTA: fuelling trade discrimination or global liberalisation?Siebert, Horst; Langhammer, Rolf J.; Piazolo, Daniel
1996 Trade integration between Eastern and Western Europe: Politics follows the marketPiazolo, Daniel
1997 Gaining credibility and enhancing economic growth through regional integration: The case for EU membership of Eastern EuropePiazolo, Daniel
1998 Southern enlargement of the European Union and capital account liberalization: Lessons for Central and Eastern EuropeBuch, Claudia M.; Heinrich, Ralph P.; Piazolo, Daniel
1998 Wohlfahrtseffekte einer nordatlantischen HandelsliberalisierungLübcke, Britta; Piazolo, Daniel
1998 Investment behavior in dynamic computable general equilibrium models for transition economiesPiazolo, Daniel
2000 Capital and Trade Flows in Europe and the Impact of EnlargementPiazolo, Daniel; Buch, Claudia M.
2000 Poland's membership in the European Union: An analysis with a dynamic Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) modelPiazolo, Daniel
2000 EU integration of transition countries: Overlap of requisites and remaining tasksPiazolo, Daniel
2000 Eastern Europe between Transition and Accession: An Analysis of Reform RequirementsPiazolo, Daniel
2001 The New Economy and the International Regulatory FrameworkPiazolo, Daniel
2001 Does the East Get What Would Otherwise Flow to the South? FDI Diversion in EuropePiazolo, Daniel; Kokta, Robert M.; Buch, Claudia M.
2001 The Digital DividePiazolo, Daniel
2002 Assessing proposals for a transatlantic free trade areaLanghammer, Rolf J.; Piazolo, Daniel; Siebert, Horst
2002 Fit für die EU? Indikatoren zum Stand der Wirtschaftsreformen in den KandidatenländernFoders, Federico; Piazolo, Daniel; Schweickert, Rainer
2002 Constructing a social accounting matrix with a distributional focus: the case of BoliviaThiele, Rainer; Piazolo, Daniel
2002 Assessing Proposals for a Transatlantic Free Trade AreaLanghammer, Rolf J.; Piazolo, Daniel; Siebert, Horst
2013 Tail Parameters of Stable Distributions Using One Million Observations of Real Estate Returns from Five ContinentsStein, Michael; Piazolo, Daniel; Stoyanov, Stoyan V.