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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2005 Socio-economic development and fiscal policy: lessons from the cohesion countries for the new member statesMehrotra, Aaron N.; Peltonen, Tuomas A.
2006 Are emerging market currency crises predictable? A testPeltonen, Tuomas A.
2007 Modelling inflation in China - a regional perspectiveMehrotra, Aaron N.; Peltonen, Tuomas A.; Santos Rivera, Alvaro
2008 Imports and profitability in the euro area manufacturing sector: the role of emerging market economiesPeltonen, Tuomas A.; Skala, Martin; Santos Rivera, Alvaro; Pula, Gabor
2008 Exchange rate pass-through in the global economy: the role of emerging market economiesBussière, Matthieu; Peltonen, Tuomas A.
2008 Housing and equity wealth effects of Italian householdsGrant, Charles; Peltonen, Tuomas A.
2009 Productivity shocks and real exchange rate: a reappraisalPeltonen, Tuomas A.; Sager, Michael
2009 Has emerging Asia decoupled? An analysis of production and trade linkages using the Asian international input-output tablePula, Gabor; Peltonen, Tuomas A.
2009 Wealth effects in emerging market economiesPeltonen, Tuomas A.; Sousa, Ricardo M.; Vansteenkiste, Isabel
2009 Can non-linear real shocks explain the persistence of PPP exchange rate disequilibria?Peltonen, Tuomas A.; Popescu, Adina; Sager, Michael
2010 Booms and busts in China's stock market: Estimates based on fundamentalsde Bondt, Gabe; Peltonen, Tuomas A.; Santabárbara, Daniel
2011 Macro-financial vulnerabilities and future financial stress: assessing systemic risks and predicting systemic eventsLo Duca, Marco; Peltonen, Tuomas A.
2011 Mapping the state of financial stabilitySarlin, Peter; Peltonen, Tuomas A.
2011 Mapping the state of financial stabilitySarlin, Peter; Peltonen, Tuomas A.
2013 The network structure of the CDS market and its determinantsPeltonen, Tuomas A.; Scheicher, Martin; Vuillemey, Guillaume
2013 Disentangling the bond-CDS nexus: a stress test model of the CDS marketVuillemey, Guillaume; Peltonen, Tuomas A.
2013 Predicting distress in European banksBetz, Frank; Oprica, Silviu; Peltonen, Tuomas A.; Sarlin, Peter
2013 Setting countercyclical capital buffers based on early warning models: would it work?Behn, Markus; Detken, Carsten; Peltonen, Tuomas A.; Schudel, Willem
2014 Systemic risk spillovers in the European banking and sovereign networkBetz, Frank; Hautsch, Nikolaus; Peltonen, Tuomas A.; Schienle, Melanie
2015 Characterising the financial cycle: a multivariate and time-varying approachHiebert, Paul; Schüler, Yves S.; Peltonen, Tuomas A.