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2008Die Rolle des Humankapitals bei der Technologieübertragung in EntwicklungsländerPegels, Anna
2008Financing for development series: Leveraging private investments in climate change mitigationPegels, Anna
2008Serie Entwicklungsfinanzierung: Anreize für Privatinvestitionen in die Begrenzung des KlimawandelsPegels, Anna
2009Prospects for renewable energy in South Africa: mobilizing the private sectorPegels, Anna
2010Intellectual property rights as a challenge to providing global public goods: the cases of public health, food security and climate stabilityBrandi, Clara; Ladenburger, Christine; Pegels, Anna
2014Green industrial policy: managing transformation under uncertaintyLütkenhorst, Wilfried; Vidican, Georgeta; Altenburg, Tilman; Pegels, Anna
2016Taxing carbon as an instrument of green industrial policy in developing countriesPegels, Anna
2020How sustainable is recycling? Reconciling the social, ecological, and economic dimensions in ArgentinaPegels, Anna; Heyer, Stefanie; Ohlig, David; Kurz, Felix; Laux, Lena; Morley, Prescott
2021Does COVID-19 change the long-term prospects of latecomer industrialisation?Altenburg, Tilman; Brandi, Clara; Pegels, Anna; Stamm, Andreas; Vrolijk, Kasper; Zintl, Tina
2021¿Es sostenible el reciclaje? Propuestas para conciliar los aspectos sociales, ecológicos y económicos en ArgentinaPegels, Anna; Heyer, Stefanie; Ohlig, David; Kurz, Felix; Laux, Lena; Morley, Prescott
2022Ökologische Strukturpolitik: Ein starker Profilbaustein für die deutsche EntwicklungszusammenarbeitAltenburg, Tilman; Bauer, Steffen; Brandi, Clara; Brüntrup, Michael; Malerba, Daniele; Never, Babette; Pegels, Anna; Stamm, Andreas; To, Jenny; Volz, Ulrich
2023Green jobs and the city: Towards a just transition in developing countriesKleibrink, Alexander; Pegels, Anna; Fink, Michael; Scholz, Wolfgang