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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2003 Irreversible Investments and Regulatory RiskPanteghini, Paolo M.; Scarpa, Carlo
2003 Investment Size and Firm's Value Under Profit Sharing RegulationMoretto, Michele; Panteghini, Paolo M.; Scarpa, Carlo
2004 Wide vs. narrow tax bases under optimal investment timingPanteghini, Paolo M.
2005 S-based taxation under default riskPanteghini, Paolo M.
2006 The capital structure of multinational companies under tax competitionPanteghini, Paolo M.
2006 A simple explanation for the unfavorable tax treatment of investment costsPanteghini, Paolo M.
2007 Preemption, start-up decisions and the firms' capital structureMoretto, Michele; Panteghini, Paolo M.
2007 FDI determination and corporate tax competition in a volatile worldGhinamo, Mauro; Panteghini, Paolo M.; Revelli, Federico
2008 Corporate debt, hybrid securities and the effective tax ratePanteghini, Paolo M.
2008 The Johansson-Samuelson theorem in general equilibrium: a rebuttalMenoncin, Francesco; Panteghini, Paolo M.
2008 Tax neutrality: illusion or reality?: the case of entrepreneurshipKanniainen, Vesa; Panteghini, Paolo M.
2009 On the equivalence between labor and consumption taxationPanteghini, Paolo M.
2009 Retrospective capital gains taxation in the real worldMenoncin, Francesco; Panteghini, Paolo M.
2010 Profit shifting by debt financing in EuropeBarion, Francesca; Miniaci, Raffaele; Panteghini, Paolo M.; Parisi, Maria Laura
2010 Optimal Investment and Financial Strategies under Tax Rate UncertaintyFedele, Alessandro; Panteghini, Paolo M.; Vergalli, Sergio
2010 Optimal investment and financial strategies under tax rate uncertaintyFedele, Alessandro; Panteghini, Paolo M.; Vergalli, Sergio
2016 Accelerated Depreciation, Default Risk and Investment DecisionsPanteghini, Paolo M.; Vergalli, Sergio
2019 Business Tax Policy under Default RiskComincioli, Nicola; Vergalli, Sergio; Panteghini, Paolo M.
2020 Debt and Transfer Pricing: Implications on Business Tax PolicyComincioli, Nicola; Panteghini, Paolo M.; Vergalli, Sergio
2021 The start-up decision under default riskComincioli, Nicola; Panteghini, Paolo M.; Vergalli, Sergio