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1987Testing Exogeneity in Overidentified ModelsCapuccio, Nunzio; Orsi, Renzo
1989Formulazione empirica di ipotesi teoriche e loro valutazione econometricaGambetta, Guido; Orsi, Renzo
1993Sull'uso dei test in econometriaOrsi, Renzo
1994Price-Wage Dynamics is A Transition Economy: The Case of PolandGolinelli, Roberto; Orsi, Renzo
1996Exchange rate Inflation and Unemployment in East European Economies: the Case of Poland and HungaryGolinelli, Roberto; Orsi, Renzo
1998Testing for Structural Change in Cointegrated Relationships. Analysis of price-wages models for Poland and HungaryGolinelli, Roberto; Orsi, Renzo
2001Modelling inflation in EU accession countries: the case of the Czech Republic, Hungary and PolandGolinelli, Roberto; Orsi, Renzo
2002The eastward enlargement of the eurozone : state of the art reportBolle, Michael; Caétano, José; Kiander, Jaakko; Lavrač, Vladimir; Orsi, Renzo; Jacobsen, Hanns-Dieter
2002Exchange Rate Management and Inflation Targeting in the CEE Accession CountriesIacone, Fabrizio; Orsi, Renzo
2002Modelling Inflation in EU Accession Countries : The Case of the Czech Republic, Hungary and PolandGolinelli, Roberto; Orsi, Renzo
2003The Eastward Enlargement of the Eurozone Final Report on "Exchange Rate Regimes"Orsi, Renzo; Iacone, Fabrizio
2004Policy advice: markets and policiesOrsi, Renzo; Zukrowska, Katarzyna
2010The last fifteen years of stagnation in Italy: A Business Cycle Accounting PerspectiveOrsi, Renzo; Turino, Francesco
2012Size, Trend, and Policy Implications of the Underground EconomyOrsi, Renzo; Raggi, Davide; Turino, Francesco
2015Building a Structural Model: Parameterization and StructuralityMouchart, Michel; Orsi, Renzo
2016Building a structural model: Parameterization and structuralityMouchart, Michel; Orsi, Renzo
2020Time and causality in the social sciencesWunsch, Guillaume; Russo, Federica; Mouchart, Michel; Orsi, Renzo
2020Causality in econometric modeling: From theory to structural causal modelingMouchart, Michel; Orsi, Renzo; Wunsch, Guillaume