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1978Wirtschaftsbeziehungen zwischen Ost und West: Perspektiven und ProblemeOgawa, Kazuo; Hewett, Edward; Giersch, Herbert; Okita, Saburo; Sekiguchi, Sueo; Uno, Kimio; Holzmann, Franklyn; Reuber, Grant; Trezise, Philip H.; Kaltefleiter, Werner; Leonhard, Wolfgang; Onida, Fabrizio; Portes, Richard; Uri, Pierre; Wolter, Frank
2003Financial distress and corporate investment: The Japanese case in the 90sOgawa, Kazuo
2003Does agency cost model explain business fluctuations in Japan? An empirical attempt to estimate agency cost by firm sizeOgawa, Kazuo; Uchiyama, Hirokuni
2004Why commercial banks held excess reserves: The Japanese experience of the late '90sOgawa, Kazuo
2004Debt, R&D investment and technological progress: A panel study of Japanese manufacturing firms in the 90sOgawa, Kazuo
2005Why did Japan's household savings rate fall in the 1990s?Ogawa, Kazuo
2005Bank control and the number of bank relations of Japanese firmsOgawa, Kazuo; Sterken, Elmer; Tokutsu, Ichiro
2007Information, investment, and the stock market: A study of investment revision data of Japanese manufacturing industriesOgawa, Kazuo; Suzuki, Kazuyuki
2007Credit allocation of Japanese banks in the 1990s: Evidence from the short-term economic survey of enterprisesOgawa, Kazuo
2008Why are concavity conditions not satisfied in the cost function? The case of Japanese manufacturing firms during the bubble periodOgawa, Kazuo
2013Firm Investment, Liquidity, and Bank Health: A Panel Study of Asian Firms in the 2000sOgawa, Kazuo
2016International R&D Spillovers and Marginal Social Returns on R&DOgawa, Kazuo; Sterken, Elmer; Tokutsu, Ichiro
2016Public debt, economic growth and the real interest rate: A panel VAR approach to EU and OECD countriesOgawa, Kazuo; Sterken, Elmer; Tokutsu, Ichiro