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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2010 Summer Workshop on Money, Banking, Payments and Finance: An overviewNosal, Ed; Wright, Randall
2010 Introduction to the macroeconomic dynamics: Special issues on money, credit, and liquidityNosal, Ed; Waller, Christopher; Wright, Randall
2011 Equilibrium bank runs revisitedNosal, Ed
2012 Repos, fire sales, and bankruptcy policyAntinolfi, Gaetano; Carapella, Francesca; Kahn, Charles; Martin, Antoine; Mills, David; Nosal, Ed
2013 Gambling for dollars: Strategic hedge fund manager investmentBernhardt, Dan; Nosal, Ed
2013 Cash-in-the-market pricing in a model with money and over-the-counter financial marketsMattesini, Fabrizio; Nosal, Ed
2013 An interview with Neil WallaceAltig, David; Nosal, Ed
2014 More on middlemen: Equilibrium entry and efficiency in intermediated marketsNosal, Ed; Wong, Yuet-Yee; Wright, Randall
2014 Private takingsMarchesiani, Alessandro; Nosal, Ed
2014 Preventing bank runsAndolfatto, David; Nosal, Ed; Sultanum, Bruno
2015 Segregated balance accountsGarratt, Rod; Martin, Antoine; McAndrews, James Joseph; Nosal, Ed
2017 Preventing bank runsAndolfatto, David; Nosal, Ed; Sultanum, Bruno
2018 Bank runs without sequential serviceAndolfatto, David; Nosal, Ed
2018 Can the U.S. interbank market be revived?Kim, Kyungmin; Martin, Antoine; Nosal, Ed
2019 On the instability of banking and other financial intermediationGu, Chao; Monnet, Cyril; Nosal, Ed; Wright, Randall D.
2019 Intermediation in markets for goods and markets for assetsNosal, Ed; Wong, Yuet-Yee; Wright, Randall D.