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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012 On-the-job learning and earnings: Comparative evidence from Morocco and SenegalNordman, Christophe Jalil; Wolff, François-Charles
2014 Inputs, Gender Roles or Sharing Norms? Assessing the Gender Performance Gap Among Informal Entrepreneurs in MadagascarNordman, Christophe Jalil; Vaillant, Julia
2014 Transitions in a West African Labour Market: The Role of Family NetworksNordman, Christophe Jalil; Pasquier-Doumer, Laure
2015 Cognitive, Non-Cognitive Skills and Gender Wage Gaps: Evidence from Linked Employer-Employee Data in BangladeshNordman, Christophe Jalil; Sarr, Leopold; Sharma, Smriti
2015 Where Does Education Pay Off in Sub-Saharan Africa? Evidence from Two Cities of the Republic of CongoKuepie, Mathias; Nordman, Christophe Jalil
2016 Informal versus Formal: A Panel Data Analysis of Earnings Gaps in MadagascarNordman, Christophe Jalil; Rakotomanana, Faly; Roubaud, François
2016 Do family and kinship networks support entrepreneurs?Nordman, Christophe Jalil
2017 Household Entrepreneurship and Social Networks: Panel Data Evidence from VietnamNguyen, Huu Chi; Nordman, Christophe Jalil
2018 Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Skills, Hiring Channels, and Wages in BangladeshHilger, Anne; Nordman, Christophe Jalil; Sarr, Leopold
2020 The Determinants of Trust: Evidence from Rural South IndiaHilger, Anne; Nordman, Christophe Jalil
2020 Here Comes the Rain Again: Productivity Shocks, Educational Investments and Child WorkNordman, Christophe Jalil; Sharma, Smriti; Sunder, Naveen
2020 The Gender of Debt and Credit: Insights from Rural Tamil NaduGuérin, Isabelle; Nordman, Christophe Jalil; Reboul, Elena