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2003 Indo-Singapore trade in services: Enhancing co-operationMukherjee, Arpita; Mody, Aditi; Taneja, Nisha; Sachdeva, Ruchika
2003 Audio-visual policies and international trade: The case of IndiaMukherjee, Arpita
2004 Trade in land transport services: RailwaysMukherjee, Arpita; Sachdeva, Ruchika
2004 Indo-Sri Lanka trade in services: FTA II and beyondTaneja, Nisha; Mukherjee, Arpita; Jayanetti, Sanath; Jayawardane, Tilani
2006 Prospects for IT-Enabled Services Under a Indo-US FTAMukherjee, Arpita; Gupta, Paramita Deb
2006 Indo-US FTA: Prospects for the Telecommunication SectorMukherjee, Arpita; Ahuja, Prerna
2007 Indo-U.S. FTA: Prospects for Audiovisual ServicesMukherjee, Arpita; Deb Gupta, Paramita; Ahuja, Prerna
2009 Trade in Energy Services: GATS and IndiaMukherjee, Arpita; Goswami, Ramneet
2010 Sports Retailinf in India: Opportunities, Constraints and Way ForwardMukherjee, Arpita
2010 Addressing New Service Sector in WTO/FTAs: Express Delivery and IndiaMukherjee, Arpita; Pal, Parthapratim; Goswami, Ramneet
2013 The Service Sector in IndiaMukherjee, Arpita
2015 Diversifying India's services exports through SEZs: Status, issues and the way forwardMukherjee, Arpita; Deb, Saubhik; Deora, Shreya; Goyal, Tanu M.; Bhardwaj, Bhavook
2015 Integrating south and southeast Asia through services value chain: The case of India and ThailandMukherjee, Arpita; Goyal, Tanu M.
2016 Imposition of MAT on SEZs: Concerns and the way forwardMukherjee, Arpita; Bhardwaj, Bhavook
2017 Promoting organic food products and exports: Status, issues and way forwardMukherjee, Arpita; Dutta, Souvik; Mendiratta, Souvik; Kapoor, Avantika; Goyal, Tanu M.
2017 India and Trade Facilitation in Services (TFS) Agreement: Concerns and way forwardMukherjee, Arpita; Kapoor, Avantika
2017 India's exports of food products: Food safety related issues and way forwardGoyal, Tanu M.; Mukherjee, Arpita; Kapoor, Avantika
2018 Trade, trade agreements and subsidies: The case of the Indian apparel industryMukherjee, Arpita; Paul, Anusree; Sarma, Angana Parashar; Sinha, Soham
2018 Trade rules in e-commerce: WTO and IndiaMukherjee, Arpita; Kapoor, Avantika