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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1998 The EMU's exchange rate policyBénassy-Quéré, Agnès; Mojon, Benoît; Neumann, Manfred J.M.; Deutsch-Französisches Wirtschaftspolitisches Forum
2000 Financial structure and the interest rate channel of ECB monetary policyMojon, Benoît
2001 Investment and monetary policy in the euro areaMojon, Benoît; Smets, Frank; Vermeulen, Philip
2001 Some stylised facts on the euro area business cycleAgresti, Anna Maria; Mojon, Benoît
2001 A VAR description of the effects of monetary policy in the individual countries of the euro areaMojon, Benoît; Peersman, Gert
2002 Monetary Transmission in the Euro Area : Where Do We Stand?Mojon, Benoît; Kashyap, Anil K.; Angeloni, Ignazio; Terlizzese, Daniele
2003 The output composition puzzle: a difference in the monetary transmission mechanism in the euro area and U.S.Mojon, Benoît; Angeloni, Ignazio; Terlizzese, Daniele; Kashyap, Anil K.
2005 Global inflationCiccarelli, Matteo; Mojon, Benoît
2005 Term structure and the sluggishness of retail bank interest rates in euro area countriesde Bondt, Gabe; Mojon, Benoît; Valla, Natacha
2005 Forecasting the central bank’s inflation objective is a good rule of thumbDiron, Marie; Mojon, Benoît
2005 Breaks in the mean of inflation: how they happen and what to do with themCorvoisier, Sandrine; Mojon, Benoît
2005 When did unsystematic monetary policy have an effect on inflation?Mojon, Benoît
2006 Global InflationCiccarelli, Matteo; Mojon, Benoît
2007 Fast micro and slow macro: can aggregation explain the persistence of inflation?Mojon, Benoît; Altissimo, Filippo; Zaffaroni, Paolo
2008 Global InflationCiccarelli, Matteo; Mojon, Benoît
2018 Why have interest rates fallen far below the return on capitalMarx, Magali; Mojon, Benoît; Velde, François R.