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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2005 An Integrated Micro-Macro (IMM) approach to the evaluation of large-scale public investment programmes: The case of EU structural fundsBradley, John; Mitze, Timo; Morgenroth, Edgar; Untiedt, Gerhard
2009 Trade-FDI Linkages in a System of Gravity Equations for German Regional DataMitze, Timo; Alecke, Björn; Untiedt, Gerhard
2009 Endogeneity in Panel Data Models with Time-Varying and Time-Fixed Regressors: To IV or not IV?Mitze, Timo
2009 Internal Migration, Regional Labour Market Dynamics and Implications for German East-West Disparities – Results from a Panel VARAlecke, Björn; Mitze, Timo; Untiedt, Gerhard
2010 Regional heterogeneity in consumption due to current income shocks: New evidence from the Permanent Income HypothesisMitze, Timo
2010 R&D Subsidies and Private Sector Innovativeness: New Empirical Evidence for East German FirmsReinkowski, Janina; Mitze, Timo; Alecke, Björn; Untiedt, Gerhard
2010 Estimating Gravity Models of International Trade with Correlated Time-Fixed Regressors: To IV or not IV?Mitze, Timo
2010 Analyse und Prognose des Spar- und Konsumverhaltens privater Haushalte: Endbericht - November 2010Döhrn, Roland; Mitze, Timo; Schmidt, Torsten; Tauchmann, Harald; Vosen, Simeon
2010 Dynamic Simultaneous Equations and Panel Data: Small Sample Properties and Regional Factor Demand Modelling for Policy AnalysisMitze, Timo
2010 Network Dependency in Migration Flows – A Space-time Analysis for Germany since Re-unificationMitze, Timo
2010 Testing the Neoclassical Migration Model: Overall and Age-Group Specific Results for German RegionsMitze, Timo; Reinkowski, Janina
2010 Within and Between Panel Cointegration in the German Regional Output-Trade-FDI NexusMitze, Timo
2010 Effectiveness of Public R&D Subsidies in East Germany – Is it a Matter of Firm Size?Reinkowski, Janina; Alecke, Björn; Mitze, Timo; Untiedt, Gerhard
2011 Within and Between Panel Cointegration in the German Regional Output-Trade-FDI NexusMitze, Timo
2011 Evaluating EU Regional Policy: Many Empirical Specifications, One (Unpleasant) ResultBreidenbach, Philipp; Mitze, Timo; Schmidt, Christoph
2011 Föderalismus und Forschungs- und Innovationspolitik: Bericht des Konsortiums "Föderalismus und Forschungs- und Innovationspolitik"Alecke, Björn; Breitfuss, Marija; Cremer, Wolfram; Hartmann, Christian; Lageman, Bernhard; Mitze, Timo; Peistrup, Matthias; Ploder, Michael; Rappen, Hermann; Rothgang, Michael
2011 Welche Rolle spielt externes Wissen für die sektorale Technologieentwicklung? Eine empirische Analyse zur Identifikation intersektoraler FuE-SpilloversMitze, Timo; Alecke, Björn
2011 Does the Support of Innovative Clusters Sustainably Foster R&D Activity? Evidence from the German BioRegio and BioProfile ContestsEngel, Dirk; Mitze, Timo; Patuelli, Roberto; Reinkowski, Janina
2011 Testing the neoclassical migration model: overall and age-group specific results for German regionsMitze, Timo; Reinkowski, Janina
2011 Regionale Wachstumseffekte der GRW-Förderung? Eine räumlich-ökonometrische Analyse auf Basis deutscher ArbeitsmarktregionenAlecke, Björn; Mitze, Timo; Untiedt, Gerhard