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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1998 Credit Programs for the Poor and the Nutritional Status of Children in Rural BangladeshPitt, Mark M.; Khandker, Shahidur R.; Chowdhury, Omar Haider; Millimet, Daniel L.
1999 Estimation of Coherent Demand Systems with Many Binding Non-Negativity ConstraintsPitt, Mark M.; Millimet, Daniel L.
2002 Chasing the smokestack: Strategic policymaking with multiple instrumentsFredriksson, Per G.; List, John A.; Millimet, Daniel L.
2008 School nutrition programs and the incidence of childhood obesityMillimet, Daniel L.; Tchernis, Rusty; Husain, Muna
2008 Minimizing bias in selection on observables estimators when unconfoundness failsMillimet, Daniel L.; Tchernis, Rusty
2008 Does private tutoring payoff?Gurun, Ayfer; Millimet, Daniel L.
2009 Is the quantity-quality trade-off a trade-off for all, none, or some?Millimet, Daniel L.; Wang, Le
2010 Federal nutrition programs and childhood obesity: Inside the black boxRoy, Manan; Millimet, Daniel L.; Tchernis, Rusty
2010 The elephant in the corner: A cautionary tale about measurement error in treatment effects modelsMillimet, Daniel L.
2011 Three new empirical tests of the pollution haven hypothesis when environmental regulation is endogenousMillimet, Daniel L.; Roy, Jayjit
2013 Partial Identification of the Long-Run Causal Effect of Food Security on Child HealthMillimet, Daniel L.; Roy, Manan
2013 The Origins of Early Childhood Anthropometric PersistenceMillimet, Daniel L.; Tchernis, Rusty
2013 Anthropometric Mobility During ChildhoodMillimet, Daniel L.; Tchernis, Rusty
2013 Dynamic Panel Data Models with Irregular Spacing: With Applications to Early Childhood DevelopmentMillimet, Daniel L.; McDonough, Ian K.
2013 Environmental Federalism: A Survey of the Empirical LiteratureMillimet, Daniel L.
2014 An Empirical Analysis of Trade-Related Redistribution and the Political Viability of Free TradeLake, James; Millimet, Daniel L.
2015 Financial Literacy and Food Security in Extremely Vulnerable HouseholdsMillimet, Daniel L.; McDonough, Ian K.; Fomby, Thomas B.
2016 Good Jobs, Bad Jobs: What's Trade Got To Do With It?Lake, James; Millimet, Daniel L.
2016 Missing Data, Imputation, and EndogeneityMcDonough, Ian K.; Millimet, Daniel L.
2016 Targeted Business Incentives and the Debt Behavior of HouseholdsDi, Wenhua; Millimet, Daniel L.