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2002 Endogenous ownership structure: Factors affecting the post-privatisation equity in largest Hungarian firmsBishop, Kate; Filatotchev, Igor; Mickiewicz, Tomasz
2007 Entrepreneurship, institutions and the level of developmentAidis, Ruta; Estrin, Saul; Mickiewicz, Tomasz
2009 Better means more: property rights and high-growth aspiration entrepreneurshipEstrin, Saul; Korosteleva, Julia; Mickiewicz, Tomasz
2009 Entrepreneurial entry: which institutions matter?Aidis, Ruta; Estrin, Saul; Mickiewicz, Tomasz
2009 Do institutions have a greater effect on female entrepreneurs?Estrin, Saul; Mickiewicz, Tomasz
2010 Size matters: Entrepreneurial entry and governmentAidis, Ruta; Estrin, Saul; Mickiewicz, Tomasz
2010 Shadow economy and entrepreneurial entryEstrin, Saul; Mickiewicz, Tomasz
2010 Entrepreneurship in transition economies: the role of institutions and generational changeEstrin, Saul; Mickiewicz, Tomasz
2011 Which institutions encourage entrepreneurs to create larger firms?Estrin, Saul; Korosteleva, Julia; Mickiewicz, Tomasz
2011 For benevolence and for self-interest: Social and commercial entrepreneurial activity across nationsEstrin, Saul; Mickiewicz, Tomasz; Stephan, Ute
2014 The Continued Search for the Solow Residual: The Role of National Entrepreneurial EcosystemAcs, Zoltan J.; Estrin, Saul; Mickiewicz, Tomasz; Szerb, László
2015 How city type, trust and technology affect corruption: a multilevel comparative studyKorosteleva, Julia; Mickiewicz, Tomasz; Stepien, Paulina
2022 Is the post-communist transition over?Douarin, Elodie; Mickiewicz, Tomasz