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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012 The impact of pre-school on adolescents' outcomes: Evidence from a recent English cohortApps, Patricia; Mendolia, Silvia; Walker, Ian
2013 The effect of non-cognitive traits on health behaviours in adolescenceMendolia, Silvia; Walker, Ian
2014 Do NEETs Need Grit?Mendolia, Silvia; Walker, Ian
2014 The Effect of Personality Traits on Subject Choice and Performance in High School: Evidence from an English CohortMendolia, Silvia; Walker, Ian
2014 Maternal Working Hours and the Well-Being of Adolescent ChildrenMendolia, Silvia
2015 Ethnic Diversity and Trust: New Evidence from Australian DataMendolia, Silvia; Tosh, Alex; Yerokhin, Oleg
2015 Youth unemployment and personality traitsMendolia, Silvia; Walker, Ian
2015 New Estimates of Intergenerational Mobility in AustraliaMendolia, Silvia; Siminski, Peter
2016 The Gender Gap in Mathematics Achievement: Evidence from Italian DataDi Tommaso, Maria Laura; Mendolia, Silvia; Contini, Dalit
2016 Does Family Background Affect Earnings through Education? A Generalised Approach to Mediation AnalysisMendolia, Silvia; Siminski, Peter
2016 Heterogeneous Effects of High School Peers on Educational OutcomesMendolia, Silvia; Paloyo, Alfredo R.; Walker, Ian
2016 Heterogeneous effects of high school peers on educational outcomesMendolia, Silvia; Paloyo, Alfredo R.; Walker, Ian
2017 The Impact of Parental Health on Children's Schooling and Labour Force Participation: Evidence from VietnamMendolia, Silvia; Nguyen, Thi; Yerokhin, Oleg
2017 Direct Measures of Intergenerational Income Mobility for AustraliaMurray, Chelsea; Clark, Robert; Mendolia, Silvia; Siminski, Peter
2018 The effect of religiosity on adolescent risky behaviorsMendolia, Silvia; Paloyo, Alfredo R.; Walker, Ian
2018 The Transmission of Mental Health within Households: Does One Partner's Mental Health Influence the Other Partner's Life Satisfaction?Mendolia, Silvia; McNamee, Paul; Yerokhin, Oleg
2018 The Effect of Religiosity on Adolescent Risky BehaviorsMendolia, Silvia; Paloyo, Alfredo R.; Walker, Ian
2018 The Gender Gap in Attitudes and Test Scores: A New Construct of the Mathematical CapabilityDi Tommaso, Maria Laura; Maccagnan, Anna; Mendolia, Silvia
2019 Social Media Extensive Use and Emotional and Behavioural Outcomes in Adolescence: Evidence from British Longitudinal DataMcNamee, Paul; Mendolia, Silvia; Yerokhin, Oleg
2019 The Causal Effects of Adolescent School Bullying Victimisation on Later Life OutcomesGorman, Emma; Harmon, Colm P.; Mendolia, Silvia; Staneva, Anita; Walker, Ian