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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1982 Optimization under Nonlinear ConstraintsJansson, Leif; Mellander, Erik
1984 CONRAD – A Maximum Likelihood Program for Estimation of Simultaneous Equations Models that are Non-Linear in the ParametersJansson, Leif; Mellander, Erik
1984 A General FIML Estimator for a Certain Class of Models that are Non-Linear in the VariablesMellander, Erik
1988 What Can Input Tell About Output? Analyzing Productivity and Efficiency in the Absence of Output measuresMellander, Erik; Ysander, Bengt-Christer
1989 On the Econometric Analysis of Production When There Are No Output DataMellander, Erik; Ysander, Bengt-Christer
1991 An Indirect Approach to Measuring Productivity in Private ServicesMellander, Erik
1994 Pitfalls in the Measurement of the Return to Education: An Assessment Using Swedish DataKazamaki Ottersten, Eugenia; Mellander, Erik; Meyerson, Eva M.; Nilson, Jörgen
1996 Cost and Productivity Effects of Firm Financed TrainingKazamaki Ottersten, Eugenia; Lindh, Thomas; Mellander, Erik
1998 Corporate Job Ladders in Europe: Wage Premia for University vs. High School Level PositionsMellander, Erik; Skedinger, Per
1998 On Omitted Variable Bias and Measurement Error in Returns to Schooling EstimatesMellander, Erik
1999 The multi-dimensional nature of labor demand and skill-biased technical changeMellander, Erik
1999 The Multi-Dimensional Nature of Labor Demand and Skill-Biased Technical ChangeMellander, Erik
2001 Is Human Capital the Key to the IT Productivity Paradox?Mellander, Erik; Savvidiou, Eleni; Gunnarsson, Gudmundur
2003 Employer-sponsored training in stabilisation and growth policy perspectivesHåkanson, Christina; Johanson, Satu; Mellander, Erik
2003 Employer-Sponsored Training in Stabilisation and Growth Policy PerspectivesHåkanson, Christina; Johanson, Satu; Mellander, Erik
2004 Human capital is the key to the IT productivity paradoxGunnarsson, Gudmundur; Mellander, Erik; Savvidou, Eleni
2008 Do regional payroll tax reductions boost employment?Bennmarker, Helge; Mellander, Erik; Öckert, Björn
2008 Proxying ability by family background in returns to schooling estimations is generally a bad ideaMellander, Erik; Sandgren-Massih, Sofia
2014 Transparency of human resource policyMellander, Erik
2015 Inquiry-based learning put to test: Long-term effects of the Swedish science and technology for children programMellander, Erik; Svärdh, Joakim