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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2005 Social Capital, R&D and Industrial DistrictsMazzanti, Massimiliano; Cainelli, Giulio; Mancinelli, Susanna
2005 Economic Instruments and Induced Innovation: The Case of End-of-Life Vehicles European PoliciesMazzanti, Massimiliano; Zoboli, Roberto
2005 The Determinants of Residential Water Demand Empirical Evidence for a Panel of Italian MunicipalitiesMazzanti, Massimiliano; Montini, Anna
2006 Municipal Waste Production, Economic Drivers, and New Waste Policies: EKC Evidence from Italian Regional and Provincial Panel DataMazzanti, Massimiliano; Montini, Anna; Zoboli, Roberto
2006 A Bayesian Approach to the Estimation of Environmental Kuznets Curves for CO2 EmissionsMazzanti, Massimiliano; Musolesi, Antonio; Zoboli, Roberto
2006 Examining the Factors Influencing Environmental InnovationsMazzanti, Massimiliano; Zoboli, Roberto
2007 Environmentally-oriented innovative strategies and firm performances in services: Micro-evidence from ItalyCainelli, Giulio; Mazzanti, Massimiliano; Zoboli, Roberto
2007 Environmental Efficiency, Emission Trends and Labour Productivity: Trade-Off or Joint Dynamics? Empirical Evidence Using NAMEA Panel DataMazzanti, Massimiliano; Zoboli, Roberto
2007 Economic Dynamics, Emission Trends and the EKC Hypothesis New Evidence Using NAMEA and Provincial Panel Data for ItalyMazzanti, Massimiliano; Montini, Anna; Zoboli, Roberto
2007 SME Performance, Innovation and Networking Evidence on Complementarities for a Local Economic SystemMazzanti, Massimiliano; Mancinelli, Susanna
2008 Embedding landfill diversion in economic, geographical and policy settings panel based evidence from ItalyMazzanti, Massimiliano; Montini, Anna; Nicolli, Francesco
2008 Waste generation, incineration and landfill diversion: De-coupling trends, socio-economic drivers and policy effectiveness in the EUMazzanti, Massimiliano; Zoboli, Roberto
2008 The relationship between environmental efficiency and manufacturing firm's growthMazzanti, Massimiliano; Cainelli, Giulio; Zoboli, Roberto
2009 Emissions trends and labour productivity dynamics sector analyses of de-coupling/recoupling on a 1990-2005 NameaMarin, Giovanni; Mazzanti, Massimiliano
2009 Carbon Kuznets Curves: Long-run structural dynamics and policy eventsMazzanti, Massimiliano; Musolesi, Antonio
2009 Regional and sector environmental efficiency empirical evidence from structural shift-share analysis of NAMEA dataMazzanti, Massimiliano; Montini, Anna
2009 Education, reputation or network? Evidence from Italy on migrant workers employabilityMazzanti, Massimiliano; Mancinelli, Susanna; Ponti, Giovanni; Piva, Nora
2010 Waste generation and landfill diversion dynamics: decentralised management and spatial effectsMazzanti, Massimiliano; Montini, Anna; Nicolli, Francesco
2010 Are You SURE You want to waste policy chances? Waste generation, landfill diversion and environmental policy effectiveness in the EU15Iafolla, Valentina; Mazzanti, Massimiliano; Nicolli, Francesco
2010 Environmental performance and regional innovation spilloversCostantini, Valeria; Mazzanti, Massimiliano; Montini, Anna