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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1975The Structure of Monetarism (II)Mayer, Thomas
1975The Structure of Monetarism (I)Mayer, Thomas
1980Zum Zusammenhang zwischen Exporterlösschwankungen und Investitionsgüterimporten in ausgewählten EntwicklungsländernMayer, Thomas
1980Producer income instability and farmers' risk response: The case of major Kenyan export cropsJunginger-Dittel, Klaus-Otto; Mayer, Thomas
1980On the structuralist view of inflation in some Latin American countries: A reassessmentFischer, Bernhard; Mayer, Thomas
1981A test of the efficiency of futures markets in commoditiesGupta, Sanjeev; Mayer, Thomas
1982The Impact of rising international interest rates on developing countries: The South Korean experienceFischer, Bernhard; Mayer, Thomas
1982Export diversification as a counter to export instability: The example of ColumbiaMayer, Thomas
1982The Short-Run Impact of fluctuating primary commodity prices on three developing economies: Colombia, Ivory Coast and KenyaDick, Hermann; Gupta, Sanjeev; Mayer, Thomas; Vincent, David P.
1982Stabilisation strategies in primary commodity exporting countries: A case study of ChileDick, Hermann; Gerken, Egbert; Mayer, Thomas; Vincent, David P.
1982Der Einfluß der modernen Geldtheorie auf die amerikanische GeldpolitikMayer, Thomas
1987The Debate About Monetarist Policy RecommendationsMayer, Thomas
1995MonetarismMayer, Thomas; Minford, Patrick
1996Why Was the Fed So Inflationary in the 1960s and 1970s?Mayer, Thomas
1996Monetarists and Keynesians on Central Banking: A Study of a Failed DebateMayer, Thomas
1996What Remains of the Monetarist Counter-Revolution?Mayer, Thomas
1997Boettke's Austrian Critique of Mainstream Economics: An Empiricist's ResponseMayer, Thomas
1997The Rhetoric of Friedman's Quantity Theory ManifestoMayer, Thomas
1998The Domain of Theories and Tests by the Realism of AssumptionsMayer, Thomas
1999Some Practical Aspects of PluralismMayer, Thomas