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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2008 The effect of high school employment on educational attainment: a conditional difference-in-differences approachBuscha, Franz; Maurel, Arnaud; Page, Lionel; Speckesser, Stefan
2009 Inference on a generalized Roy model, with an application to schooling decisions in FranceHaultfoeuille, Xavier; Maurel, Arnaud
2009 Another look at the identification at infinity of sample selection modelsd'Haultfoeuille, Xavier; Maurel, Arnaud
2009 Choosing the field of study in post-secondary education: do expected earnings matter?Beffy, Magali; Fougère, Denis; Maurel, Arnaud
2010 The effect of part-time work on post-secondary educational attainment: New evidence from French dataBeffy, Magali; Fougère, Denis; Maurel, Arnaud
2014 Recovering Ex Ante Returns and Preferences for Occupations using Subjective Expectations DataArcidiacono, Peter; Hotz, V. Joseph; Maurel, Arnaud; Romano, Teresa
2014 Extremal Quantile Regressions for Selection Models and the Black-White Wage GapD'Haultfœuille, Xavier; Maurel, Arnaud; Zhang, Yichong
2014 The Career Prospects of Overeducated AmericansClark, Brian; Joubert, Clement; Maurel, Arnaud
2017 Changes across Cohorts in Wage Returns to Schooling and Early Work ExperiencesAshworth, Jared; Hotz, V. Joseph; Maurel, Arnaud; Ransom, Tyler
2017 The career prospects of overeducated AmericansClark, Brian; Joubert, Clément; Maurel, Arnaud
2018 Rationalizing Rational Expectations? Tests and DeviationsD'Haultfœuille, Xavier; Gaillac, Christophe; Maurel, Arnaud
2019 Estimating Selection Models without Instrument with StataD'Haultfœuille, Xavier; Maurel, Arnaud; Qiu, Xiaoyun; Zhang, Yichong
2020 Estimating the Value of Higher Education Financial Aid: Evidence from a Field ExperimentBelzil, Christian; Maurel, Arnaud; Sidibé, Modibo