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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000 The Tail of Two Countries: Minimum Wages and Employment in France and the United StatesAbowd, John M.; Kramarz, Francis; Margolis, David N.; Philippon, Thomas
2001 Early Career Experiences and Later Career Outcomes: Comparing the United States, France and GermanyMargolis, David N.; Simonnet, Véronique; Vilhuber, Lars
2001 Do Firms Really Share Rents with Their Workers?Margolis, David N.; Salvanes, Kjell G.
2002 Welfare and Labor Earnings: An Evaluation of the Financial Gains to WorkGurgand, Marc; Margolis, David N.
2003 Educational Track, Networks and Labor Market OutcomesMargolis, David N.; Simonnet, Véronique
2005 Does Work Pay in France? : Monetary Incentives and the Guaranteed Minimum IncomeGurgand, Marc; Margolis, David N.
2006 Should employment authorities worry about mergers and acquisitions?Margolis, David N.
2012 Unemployment insurance, job search and informal employmentMargolis, David N.; Navarro, Lucas; Robalino, David A.
2013 "To Have and Have Not": Migration, Remittances, Poverty and Inequality in AlgeriaMargolis, David N.; Miotti, Luis; Mouhoud, El Mouhoub; Oudinet, Joël
2014 Introducing a statutory minimum wage in middle and low income countriesMargolis, David N.
2014 By Choice and by Necessity: Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment in the Developing WorldMargolis, David N.
2017 Why Do French Engineers Find Stable Jobs Faster than PhDs?Margolis, David N.; Miotti, Luis