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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2007Private and Public Consumption and Counter-Ciclical Fiscal PolicyMarattin, Luigi
2007Optimal Fiscal Policy with Private and Public Investment in EducationMarattin, Luigi
2008A (Un)Pleasant Arithmetic of Fiscal Policy: the Case of Italian Public DebtMarattin, Luigi; Marzo, Massimiliano
2008Fiscal Rules in a Highly Distorted EconomyMarattin, Luigi; Marzo, Massimiliano
2009On the usefulness of government spending in the EU areaMarattin, Luigi; Salotti, Simone
2009Taxation, Infrastructure, and Endogenous Trade Costs in New Economic GeographyGruber, Stefan; Marattin, Luigi
2009The Response of Private Consumption to Different Public Spending Categories: VAR Evidence from UKMarattin, Luigi; Salotti, Simone
2009Distortionary tax instruments and implementable monetary policyMarattin, Luigi; Marzo, Massimiliano; Zagaglia, Paolo
2009A Note on Productivity and Per Capita GDP Growth: the Role of the Forgotten FactorsMarattin, Luigi; Salotti, Simone
2010The Euro-dividend: public debt and interest rates in the Monetary UnionMarattin, Luigi; Salotti, Simone
2010Government Spending Under Non-Separability: a Theoretical AnalysisMarattin, Luigi; Palestini, Arsen
2010The Multiplier-Effects of Non-Wasteful Government ExpenditureMarattin, Luigi; Marzo, Massimiliano
2010A welfare perspective on the fiscal-monetary policy mix: The role of alternative fiscal instrumentsMarattin, Luigi; Marzo, Massimiliano; Zagaglia, Paolo
2010Consumption Multipliers of Different Types of Public Spending: a Structural Vector Error Correction Analysis for the UKMarattin, Luigi; Salotti, Simone
2011Fiscal shocks, public debt, and long-term interest rate dynamicsMarattin, Luigi; Paesani, Paolo; Salotti, Simone
2012Cartel Stability, Mark-Up Cyclicality and Government Spending MultipliersLambertini, Luca; Marattin, Luigi
2013When is Austerity Ineffective?Marattin, Luigi
2014Adjustment to Equilibrium after a Demand Shock: A Strategic Interaction ViewLambertini, Luca; Marattin, Luigi
2014To Adjust or not to Adjust after a Cost-Push Shock? A Simple Duopoly Model with (and without) ResilienceLambertini, Luca; Marattin, Luigi
2015Potential Output and Fiscal Rules in a Monetary Union under Asymmetric InformationMarattin, Luigi; Meraglia, Simone