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2007 A vision for IMF surveillanceLavigne, Robert; Maier, Philipp; Santor, Eric
2007 Monetary policy committees in action: Is there room for improvement?Maier, Philipp
2007 Do we need the IMF to resolve a crisis? Lessons from past episodes of debt restructuringMaier, Philipp
2008 Reforming the IMF: Lessons from modern central bankingMaier, Philipp; Santor, Eric
2008 The Canadian dollar and commodity prices: Has the relationship changed over time?Maier, Philipp; DePratto, Brian
2008 Good policies or good fortune: What drives the compression in emerging market spreads?Maier, Philipp; Vasishtha, Garima
2008 A wave of protectionism? An analysis of economic and political considerationsMaier, Philipp
2009 Emerging Asia's impact on food and oil prices: A model-based analysisLalonde, René; Maier, Philipp; Muir, Dirk
2009 How changes in oil prices affect the macroeconomyDePratto, Brian; De Resende, Carlos; Maier, Philipp
2010 Lean' versus 'rich' data sets: Forecasting during the great moderation and the great recessionLombardi, Marco J.; Maier, Philipp
2010 What drives exchange rates? New evidence from a panel of US dollar bilateral exchange ratesCayen, Jean-Philippe; Coletti, Donald; Lalonde, René; Maier, Philipp
2010 On the advantages of disaggregated data: Insights from forecasting the US economy in a data-rich environmentPerevalov, Nikita; Maier, Philipp
2011 Forecasting economic growth in the euro area during the Great Moderation and the Great RecessionLombardi, Marco J.; Maier, Philipp
2011 Mixed frequency forecasts for Chinese GDPMaier, Philipp
2011 The impact of the global business cycle on small open economies: A FAVAR approach for CanadaVasishtha, Garima; Maier, Philipp