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2011 The adoption of lotteries in the United States, 1964 - 2007. A model of conditional and time-dynamical diffusionLutter, Mark
2012 Wem wird gegeben? Matthäus-Effekte und geschlechtsspezifische Ungleichheiten auf dem Arbeitsmarkt für FilmschauspielerLutter, Mark
2012 Soziale Strukturen des Erfolgs: Winner-take-all-Prozesse in der KreativwirtschaftLutter, Mark
2013 Is there a closure penalty? Cohesive network structures, diversity, and gender inequalities in career advancementLutter, Mark
2014 Who becomes a tenured professor, and why? Panel data evidence from German sociology, 1980-2013Lutter, Mark; Schröder, Martin
2014 One currency and many modes of wage formation: Why the eurozone is too heterogeneous for the euroHöpner, Martin; Lutter, Mark
2014 Creative success and network embeddedness: Explaining critical recognition of film directors in Hollywood, 1900-2010Lutter, Mark
2015 The enduring importance of family wealth: Evidence from the Forbes 400, 1982 to 2013Korom, Philipp; Lutter, Mark; Beckert, Jens
2018 Explaining the growth of CSR within OECD countries: The role of institutional legitimacy in resolving the institutional mirror vs. substitute debateKinderman, Daniel; Lutter, Mark
2018 Anomie or imitation? The Werther effect of celebrity suicides on suicide rates in 34 OECD countries, 1960-2014Lutter, Mark; Roex, Karlijn L. A.; Tisch, Daria
2019 Is there a motherhood penalty in academia? The gendered effect of children on academic publicationsLutter, Mark; Schröder, Martin