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2002 Can people value the aesthetic and use services of urban sites? Evidence from a survey of Belfast residentsAlberini, Anna; Riganti, Patrizia; Longo, Alberto
2003 The Role of Liability, Regulation and Economic Incentives in Brownfield Remediation and Redevelopment: Evidence from Surveys of DevelopersAlberini, Anna; Longo, Alberto; Tonin, Stefania; Trombetta, Francesco; Turvani, Margherita
2004 Information and Willingness to Pay in a Contingent Valuation Study: The Value of S. Erasmo in the Lagoon of VeniceAlberini, Anna; Rosato, Paolo; Longo, Alberto; Zanatta, Valentina
2005 What are the Effects of Contamination Risks on Commercial and Industrial Properties? Evidence from Baltimore, MarylandLongo, Alberto; Alberini, Anna
2005 The Value of Cultural Heritage Sites in Armenia: Evidence from a Travel Cost Method StudyAlberini, Anna; Longo, Alberto
2005 Identification of Options and Policy Instruments for the Internalisation of External Costs of Electricity Generation. Dissemination of External Costs of Electricity Supply Making Electricity External Costs Known to Policy-Makers MAXIMAMarkandya, Anil; Longo, Alberto
2005 Public Preferences for Land uses' changes - valuing urban regeneration projects at the Venice ArsenaleRiganti, Patrizia; Alberini, Anna; Longo, Alberto
2006 The Value of Cultural Heritage Sites in Armenia: Evidence From a Travel Cost Method StudyAlberini, Anna; Longo, Alberto
2006 The Internalization of Externalities in The Production of Electricity: Willingness to Pay for the Attributes of a Policy for Renewable EnergyLongo, Alberto; Markandya, Anil; Petrucci, Marta
2006 Using Surveys to Compare the PublicÂ’s and DecisionmakersÂ’ Preferences for Urban Regeneration: The Venice ArsenaleAlberini, Anna; Longo, Alberto; Riganti, Patrizia
2006 The Effects of Contamination and Cleanup on Commercial and Industrial Properties: A Hedonic Pricing Model of Maryland and Baltimore CityAlberini, Anna; Longo, Alberto
2007 Valuing the Cultural Monuments of Armenia: Bayesian Updating of Prior Beliefs in Contingent ValuationAlberini, Anna; Longo, Alberto
2011 Smart meter devices and the effect of feedback on residential electricity consumption: Evidence from a natural experiment in Northern IrelandGans, Will; Alberini, Anna; Longo, Alberto