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1998Nonparametric factor analysis of time seriesRodrĂ­guez-Poo, Juan M.; Linton, Oliver Bruce
2001A nonparametric regression estimator that adapts to error distribution of unknown formLinton, Oliver Bruce; Xiao, Zhijie
2002Estimation of semiparametric models when the criterion function is not smoothChen, Xiaonhong; Linton, Oliver Bruce; Keilegom, Ingrid Van
2003Consistent testing for stochastic dominance: A subsampling approachLinton, Oliver Bruce; Maasoumi, Esfandiar; Whang, Yoon-Jae
2003Nonparametric estimation homothetic and homothetically separable functionsLewbel, Arthur; Linton, Oliver Bruce
2003Semiparametric regression analysis with missing response at randomWang, Qihua; Linton, Oliver Bruce; Härdle, Wolfgang
2004Nonparametric inference for unbalanced time series dataLinton, Oliver Bruce
2016Asymptotic properties of a Nadaraya-Watson type estimator for regression functions of infinite orderHong, Seok Young; Linton, Oliver Bruce
2016Estimation of a multiplicative covariance structure in the large dimensional caseHafner, Christian M.; Linton, Oliver Bruce; Tang, Haihan
2016Estimation of a multiplicative covariance structureHafner, Christian M.; Linton, Oliver Bruce; Tang, Haihan
2017A coupled component GARCH model for intraday and overnight volatilityLinton, Oliver Bruce; Wu, Jianbin
2017A discrete choice model for large heterogeneous panels with interactive fixed effects with an application to the determinants of corporate bond issuanceBoneva, Lena; Linton, Oliver Bruce
2018High dimensional semiparametric moment restriction modelsDong, Chaohua; Gao, Jiti; Linton, Oliver Bruce
2019Estimation with mixed data frequencies: A bias-correction approachGhosh, Anisha; Linton, Oliver Bruce
2019A unified framework for efficient estimation of general treatment modelsAi, Chunrong; Linton, Oliver Bruce; Motegi, Kaiji; Zhang, Zheng