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2005 Climate Protection!: A New Energy Policy?Edenhofer, Ottmar; Lessmann, Kai; Bauer, Nico; Held, Hermann
2005 Mitigation Strategies and Costs of Climate Protection: The effects of ETC in the hybrid Model MINDLessmann, Kai; Edenhofer, Ottmar; Bauer, Nico
2011 Learning or lock-in: Optimal technology policies to support mitigationKalkuhl, Matthias; Edenhofer, Ottmar; Lessmann, Kai
2011 Renewable energy subsidies: Second-best policy or fatal aberration for mitigation?Kalkuhl, Matthias; Edenhofer, Ottmar; Lessmann, Kai
2012 The role of carbon capture and sequestration policies for climate change mitigationKalkuhl, Matthias; Edenhofer, Ottmar; Lessmann, Kai
2014 The Stability and Effectiveness of Climate Coalitions: A Comparative Analysis of Multiple Integrated Assessment ModelsLessmann, Kai; Kornek, Ulrike; Bosetti, Valentina; Dellink, Rob; Emmerling, Johannes; Eyckmans, Johan; Nagashima, Miyuki; Weikard, Hans-Peter; Yang, Zili
2014 Infrastructure and Inequality: Insights from Incorporating Key Economic Facts about Household HeterogeneityKlenert, David; Mattauch, Linus; Edenhofer, Ottmar; Lessmann, Kai
2015 Why Finance Ministers Favor Carbon Taxes, Even if They Do not Take Climate Change into AccountFranks, Max; Edenhofer, Ottmar; Lessmann, Kai
2019 Tax competition with asymmetric endowments in fossil resourcesFranks, Max; Lessmann, Kai
2020 Climate Finance Intermediation: Interest Spread Effects in a Climate Policy ModelLessmann, Kai; Kalkuhl, Matthias