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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1995 Human Capital and Corporate GrowthLeiponen, Aija
1996 Education, Tenure and Innovation in Manufacturing FirmsLeiponen, Aija
1996 Education and Innovative CapabilitiesLeiponen, Aija
1996 Competences, Innovation and Profitability of FirmsLeiponen, Aija
2002 Competencies and Firm Performance - Increasing Returns from Knowledge Complementaries?Leiponen, Aija
2002 Competencies, R&D Collaboration, and Innovation under Different Technological RegimesLeiponen, Aija
2005 Clubs and standards: The role of industry consortia in standardization of wireless telecommunicationsLeiponen, Aija
2006 Can't block, must run: Small firms and appropriabilityByma, Justin; Leiponen, Aija
2006 When does distributed innovation activity make sense? Location, decentralization, and innovation successLeiponen, Aija; Helfat, Constance E.
2006 Competing through cooperation: Standard setting in wireless telecommunicationsLeiponen, Aija
2008 Is service innovation different?Leiponen, Aija
2017 Invention Machines: How Control Instruments and Information Technologies Drove Global Technologigal Progress over a Century of InventionKoutroumpis, Pantelis; Leiponen, Aija; Thomas, Llewellyn D. W.
2017 The Young, the Old and the Innovative: The Impact of R&D on Firm Performance in ICT versus Other SectorsKoutroumpis, Pantelis; Leiponen, Aija; Thomas, Llewellyn D. W.
2017 The (Unfulfilled) Potential of Data MarketplacesKoutroumpis, Pantelis; Leiponen, Aija; Thomas, Llewellyn D. W.