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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2001 Konstruktivismus und evolutorische ÖkonomikLehmann-Waffenschmidt, Marco
2001 Kontingenz und Kausalität bei evolutorischen ProzessenLehmann-Waffenschmidt, Marco
2003 Mentality matters - Thorstein Veblens Regime of Status und Max Webers Protestantische Ethik aus der Sicht des (radikalen) Konservativismus: Eine Anwendung auf die ökonomischen Probleme des deutschen WiedervereinigungsprozessesLehmann-Waffenschmidt, Marco; Böhmer, Robert
2003 Coalition formation in multilateral negotiations with a potential for logrolling: An experimental analysis of negotiators' cognition processesLehmann-Waffenschmidt, Marco; Reina, Livia
2003 A fresh look on economic evolution from kinetic viewpointLehmann-Waffenschmidt, Marco
2004 Die ökonomische Botschaft in Goethes "Faust"Lehmann-Waffenschmidt, Marco
2004 A note on continuously decomposed evolving exchange economiesLehmann-Waffenschmidt, Marco
2005 Deceleration - Revealed Preference in Society and Win-Win-Strategy for Sustainable Management. Concept and Exprimental EvidenceGünther, Edeltraud; Lehmann-Waffenschmidt, Marco
2006 Self-Referential Optimal Advising When Reactions are DelayedLehmann-Waffenschmidt, Marco
2007 Komparative Evolutorische Analyse Konzeption und AnwendungenLehmann-Waffenschmidt, Marco
2007 Neuroökonomie und Neuromarketing: Neurale Korrelate strategischer EntscheidungenHain, Cornelia; Lehmann-Waffenschmidt, Marco; Kenning, Peter
2007 Recursivity and Self-Referentiality of Economic Theories and Their Implications for Bounded Rational ActorsLehmann-Waffenschmidt, Marco; Sandri, Serena
2007 Deceleration: Revealed Preference in Society and Win-Win-Strategy for Sustainable ManagementGünther, Edeltraud; Lehmann-Waffenschmidt, Marco
2012 Individual and developmental differences in the relationship of preferences and theory of mindLeipold, Kristina; Vetter, Nora C.; Dittrich, Marcus; Lehmann-Waffenschmidt, Marco; Kliegel, Matthias
2012 What do people know about the economy? A test of minimal economic knowledge in GermanyWobker, Inga; Lehmann-Waffenschmidt, Marco; Kenning, Peter; Gigerenzer, Gerd