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2008 Market Power, Multimarket Contact and Pricing: Some Evidence from the US Automobile MarketLeheyda, Nina
2008 Geographical and Multi-product Linkages of Markets: Impact on Firm Equilibrium Interactions (Some Evidence from the European Car Market)Leheyda, Nina
2008 Private Incentives to Innovate: Interplay of New Products and Brand-Name ReputationLeheyda, Nina
2009 Die Bedeutung der Automobilindustrie für die deutsche Volkswirtschaft im europäischen Kontext: Endbericht an das Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und TechnologieLegler, Harald; Gehrke, Birgit; Krawczyk, Olaf; Schasse, Ulrich; Rammer, Christian; Leheyda, Nina; Sofka, Wolfgang
2009 Assessing the effects of a road surfacing cartel in SwitzerlandHüschelrath, Kai; Leheyda, Nina; Beschorner, Patrick Frank Ernst
2010 A methodology for the evaluation of competition policyHüschelrath, Kai; Leheyda, Nina
2011 Ex-post assessment of merger effects: the case of Pfizer and Pharmacia (2003)Leheyda, Nina; Beschorner, Patrick; Hüschelrath, Kai
2011 The effects of the block exemption regulation reform on the Swiss car marketLeheyda, Nina; Beschorner, Patrick; Hüschelrath, Kai
2012 Public support for the European car industry: An integrated analysisGrigolon, Laura; Leheyda, Nina; Verboven, Frank
2013 Scrapping subsidies during the financial crisis: Evidence from EuropeLeheyda, Nina; Verboven, Frank
2013 Public support to the European auto industry: An integrated analysisGrigolon, Lauray; Leheyda, Nina; Verboven, Frank