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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1998The Endogeneity of the Natural Rate of GrowthLeón-Ledesma, Miguel A.; Thirlwall, A. P.
1999Accumulation, Innovation and Catching-Up: An Extended Cumulative Growth ModelLeón-Ledesma, Miguel A.
2000Cumulative Growth and the Catching-up Debate from a Dis-equilibrium StandpointLeón-Ledesma, Miguel A.
2000Unemployment Hysteresis in the US and the EU: a Panel Data ApproachLeón-Ledesma, Miguel A.
2002Habit formation, work ethics, and technological progressFaria, João Ricardo; León-Ledesma, Miguel A.
2003Unemployment, hysteresis and transitionMcAdam, Peter; León-Ledesma, Miguel A.
2003Does the real interest parity hypothesis hold? Evidence for developed and emerging marketsFerreira, Alex Luiz; León-Ledesma, Miguel A.
2004Does the world real interest rate affect the real exchange rate? The South East Asian experienceGente, Karine; León-Ledesma, Miguel A.
2004Interest rates and output in the long-runAksoy, Yunus; León-Ledesma, Miguel A.
2004Current account sustainability in the US: What do we really know about its?Christopoulos, Dimitris K.; León-Ledesma, Miguel A.
2005Interest rates and output in the long-runAksoy, Yunus; León-Ledesma, Miguel A.
2005Can globalization stop the decline in commodities' terms of trade? The Prebisch-Singer hypothesis revisitedVarella Mollick, André; Faria, João Ricardo; Albuquerque, Pedro H.; León-Ledesma, Miguel A.
2007How is real convergence driving nominal convergence in the new EU Member States?Lein-Rupprecht, Sarah M.; León-Ledesma, Miguel A.; Nerlich, Carolin
2008China's exports and the oil priceFaria, João Ricardo; Mollick, André Varella; Albuquerque, Pedro H.; León-Ledesma, Miguel A.
2009On causal relationships between exchange rates and fundamentals: Better than you thinkChristopoulos, Dimitris; León-Ledesma, Miguel A.
2009Identifying the elasticity of substitution with biased technical changeLeón-Ledesma, Miguel A.; McAdam, Peter; Willman, Alpo
2009Sources of current account fluctuations in industrialized countriesKaradimitropoulou, Aikaterini; León-Ledesma, Miguel A.
2010Is low inflation really causing the decline in exchange rate pass-through?Nogueira Júnior, Reginaldo P.; León-Ledesma, Miguel A.
2010Shocking stuff: technology, hours, and factor substitutionCantore, Cristiano; León-Ledesma, Miguel A.; McAdam, Peter; Willman, Alpo
2010A note on balanced growth with a less than unitary elasticity of substitutionLeón-Ledesma, Miguel A.; Satchi, Mathan