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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2003 From PAPI to CAPI: consequences for data quality on the British Household Panel StudyLaurie, Heather
2003 The reliability of coding occupational descriptions: measurement issues in a CAPI panel surveyLaurie, Heather; Moon, Nick
2004 The long-term effectiveness of refusal conversion procedures on longitudinal surveysBurton, Jonathan; Laurie, Heather; Lynn, Peter
2005 A review of methodological research pertinent to longitudinal survey design and data collectionLynn, Peter; Buck, Nick; Burton, Jonathan; Jäckle, Annette; Laurie, Heather
2007 The introduction of dependent interviewing on the British Household Panel SurveyJäckle, Annette; Laurie, Heather; Uhrig, S.C. Noah
2007 The effect of increasing financial incentives in a panel survey: an experiment on the British Household Panel Survey, Wave 14Laurie, Heather
2008 The use of respondent incentives on longitudinal surveysLaurie, Heather; Lynn, Peter
2008 Measuring people's trustErmisch, John; Gambetta, Diego; Laurie, Heather; Siedler, Thomas; Uhrig, S.C. Noah
2010 Savings, investments, debts and psychological well-being in married and cohabiting couplesKan, Man-Yee; Laurie, Heather
2010 Experiments with methods to reduce attrition in longitudinal surveysFumagalli, Laura; Laurie, Heather; Lynn, Peter
2013 Households' responses to spousal job loss: 'all change' or 'carry on as usual'?Gush, Karon; Scott, James; Laurie, Heather
2015 Job loss and social capital: The role of family, friends and wider support networksGush, Karon; Scott, James; Laurie, Heather
2015 Understanding the added worker effect: A multiple methods interpretationLaurie, Heather; Gush, Karon; Scott, James; Bryan, Mark; Longhi, Simonetta
2016 Gender, ethnicity and household labour in married and cohabiting couples in the UKYee Kan, Man; Laurie, Heather