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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2009 The public health costs of job lossKuhn, Andreas; Lalive, Rafael; Zweimüller, Josef
2009 Demand for redistribution, support for the welfare state, and party identification in AustriaKuhn, Andreas
2009 The value of a statistical injury: new evidence from the Swiss labor marketKuhn, Andreas; Ruf, Oliver
2009 In the eye of the beholder: subjective inequality measures and the demand for redistributionKuhn, Andreas
2009 To shape the future: how labor market entry conditions affect individuals' long-run wage profilesBrunner, Beatrice; Kuhn, Andreas
2009 Unemployment and Right-wing Extremist CrimeFalk, Armin; Kuhn, Andreas; Zweimüller, Josef
2009 The Value of a Statistical Injury: New Evidence from the Swiss Labor MarketKuhn, Andreas; Ruf, Oliver
2009 The Public Health Costs of Job LossKuhn, Andreas; Lalive, Rafael; Zweimüller, Josef
2009 To Shape the Future: How Labor Market Entry Conditions Affect Individuals’s Long-Run Wage ProfilesBrunner, Beartice; Kuhn, Andreas
2009 In the Eye of the Beholder: Subjective Inequality Measures and the Demand for RedistributionKuhn, Andreas
2009 Demand for Redistribution, Support for the Welfare State, and Party Identification in AustriaKuhn, Andreas
2009 Austrian Social Security DatabaseZweimüller, Josef; Winter-Ebmer, Rudolf; Lalive, Rafael; Kuhn, Andreas; Wuellrich, Jean-Philippe; Ruf, Oliver; Büchi, Simon
2010 The Impact of Labor Market Entry Condition on Initial Job Assignment, Human Capital Accumulation, and WagesBrunner, Beatrice; Kuhn, Andreas
2010 The Public Perception and Normative Valuation of Executive Compensation: An International ComparisonKuhn, Andreas
2010 Fatal Attraction? Access to Early Retirement and MortalityKuhn, Andreas; Wuellrich, Jean-Philipe; Zweimüller, Josef
2010 The impact of labor market entry conditions on initial job assignment, human capital accumulation, and wagesBrunner, Beatrice; Kuhn, Andreas
2010 The public perception and normative valuation of executive compensation: An international comparisonKuhn, Andreas
2010 Fatal attraction? Access to early retirement and mortalityKuhn, Andreas; Wuellrich, Jean-Philippe; Zweimüller, Josef
2011 Inequality perceptions, distributional norms, and redistributive preferences in East and West GermanyKuhn, Andreas
2011 Financial incentives, the timing of births, birth complications, and newborn's health: Evidence from the abolition of Austria's baby bonusBrunner, Beatrice; Kuhn, Andreas