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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1988Saving, Income Risk and Interest Rate Wedge: A NoteKoskela, Erkki
1988Timber Supply Incentives and Optimal Forest TaxationKoskela, Erkki
1988Dynamics of the demand for money and uncertainty: The U.S. demand for money revisitedKoskela, Erkki; Virén, Matti
1989International differences in saving rates and the life cycle hypothesis: A commentKoskela, Erkki; Virén, Matti
1989Taxes, credit market 'imperfections' and inter-country differences in the household saving ratioKoskela, Erkki; Virén, Matti
1990Monetary policy reaction functions and saving-investment correlations: Some cross-country evidenceKoskela, Erkki; Virén, Matti
1990Kotimainen säästäminen, rahoitusmarkkinat ja veropolitiikkaKoskela, Erkki
1990A monopoly union model of wage determination with taxes and endogenous capital stock: an empirical application to the Finnish manufacturing industryHolm, Pasi; Honkapohja, Seppo; Koskela, Erkki
1990Government size and economic growth: some evidence from a market price approachKoskela, Erkki; Virén, Matti
1991Household saving, interest rates, inflation and taxation: some cross-country evidenceKoskela, Erkki; Virén, Matti
1991House prices, household saving and financial market liberalization in FinlandKoskela, Erkki; Loikkanen, Heikki A.; Virén, Matti
1992Inflation, capital markets and household saving in Nordic countriesKoskela, Erkki; Virén, Matti
1994Monopoly unions, corporatism and optimal structure of labour taxationKoskela, Erkki; Vilmunen, Jouko
1994Tax progression is good for employment in popular models of trade union behaviourKoskela, Erkki; Vilmunen, Jouko
1995Voidaanko Suomen pitkien korkojen tasoa selittää talouden perustekijöillä, vai onko kyse jostain muusta?Hukkinen, Juhana; Koskela, Erkki
1996Optimal Design of Forest Taxation with Multiple-use Characteristics of Forest StandsKoskela, Erkki; Ollikainen, Markku
1997Tax Incidence and Optimal Forest Taxation under Stochastic DemandKoskela, Erkki; Ollikainen, Markku
1997Optimal Design of Forest and Capital Taxation in an Economy with Austrian SectorKoskela, Erkki; Ollikainen, Markku
2000Is there a Laffer curve between aggregate output and public sector employment?Koskela, Erkki; Virén, Matti
2000Agency Cost of Debt and Lending Market Competition: Is there a Relationship?Koskela, Erkki; Stenbacka, Rune