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2003Time, money, peers, and parents : some data and theories on teenage behaviorKooreman, Peter
2004Timing Constraints and the Allocation of Time : The Effects of Changing Shopping Hours Regulations in the NetherlandsJacobsen, Joyce P.; Kooreman, Peter
2004Charity Donations and the Euro Introduction : Some Quasi-Experimental Evidence on Money IllusionKooreman, Peter; Faber, Riemer; Hofmans, Heleen
2005The Persistent Segregation of Girls into Lower-Paying Jobs while in SchoolKooreman, Peter
2006Friendship in a public good experimentHaan, Marco; Kooreman, Peter; Riemersma, Tineke
2008The Own and Social Effects of an Unexpected Income ShockKuhn, Peter; Kooreman, Peter; Soetevent, Adriaan R.; Kapteyn, Arie
2010The effects of lottery prizes on winners and their neighbors: Evidence from the Dutch Postcode LotteryKuhn, Peter; Kooreman, Peter; Soetevent, Adriaan R.; Kapteyn, Arie
2011Patients whose GP knows complementary medicine tend to have lower costs and live longerKooreman, Peter; Baars, Erik W.
2011The effects of cooperation: A structural model of siblings' caregiving interactionsKnoef, Marike; Kooreman, Peter
2011Gender patterns in Vietnam's child mortalityPham, Thong Le; Kooreman, Peter; Koning, Ruud H.; Wiersma, Doede
2011Flu shots, mammograms, and the perception of probabilitiesCarman, Katherine Grace; Kooreman, Peter
2012Do babysitters have more kids? The effects of teenage work experiences on adult outcomesErdogan, Zeynep; Jacobsen, Joyce P.; Kooreman, Peter
2012Rational students and resit examsKooreman, Peter
2013Framing effects in an employee savings scheme: A non-parametric analysisKooreman, Peter; Melenberg, Bertrand; Prast, Henriƫtte Maria; Vellekoop, Nathanaƫl
2016Tattoos, Life Style and the Labor MarketDillingh, Rik; Kooreman, Peter; Potters, Jan