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2002The impact of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 on electric utilities and coal mines: evidence from the stock marketKnittel, Christopher R.; Kahn, Shulamit
2004Why do institutional plan sponsors hire and fire their investment managers?Knittel, Christopher R.; Heisler, Jeffrey; Neumann, John J.; Stewart, Scott
2005Incompatibility, product attributes and consumer welfare: evidence from ATMsKnittel, Christopher R.; Stango, Victor
2005Compatibility and pricing with indirect network effects: evidence from ATMsKnittel, Christopher R.; Stango, Victor
2005Biases in static oligopoly models? Evidence from the California electricity marketKnittel, Christopher R.; Kim, Dae-Wook
2006Tacit collusion in the presence of cyclical demand and endogenous capacity levelsKnittel, Christopher R.; Lepore, Jason
2006Evidence of a shift in the short run price elasticity of gasoline demandKnittel, Christopher R.; Sperling, Daniel
2006Re-assessing the US quality adjustment to computer prices: the role of durability and changing softwareKnittel, Christopher R.; Feenstra, Robert
2006Inefficiencies and market power in financial arbitrage: a study of California's electricity marketsKnittel, Christopher R.; Wolfram, Catherine; Bushnell, James; Borenstein, Severin
2006Strategic incompatibility in ATM marketsKnittel, Christopher R.; Stango, Victor
2014Education inputs and human capital productionKnittel, Christopher R.