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2003Technology Adoption Under Relative Factor Price Uncertainty: The Putty-Clay Investment ModelKasahara, Hiroyuki
2006Nonparametric identification and estimation of finite mixture models of dynamic discrete choicesKasahara, Hiroyuki; Shimotsu, Katsumi
2006Nested pseudo-likelihood estimation and bootstrap-based inference for structural discrete Markov decision modelsKasahara, Hiroyuki; Shimotsu, Katsumi
2006Import Protection as Export DestructionKasahara, Hiroyuki; Lapham, Beverly
2006Nonparametric Identification and Estimation of Finite Mixture Models of Dynamic Discrete ChoicesKasahara, Hiroyuki; Shimotsu, Katsumi
2006Nested Pseudo-likelihood Estimation and Bootstrap-based Inference for Structural Discrete Markov Decision ModelsKasahara, Hiroyuki; Shimotsu, Katsumi
2007Nonparametric Identification and Estimation of Multivariate MixturesKasahara, Hiroyuki; Shimotsu, Katsumi
2008Sequential estimation of structural models with a fixed point constraintKasahara, Hiroyuki; Shimotsu, Katsumi
2008Productivity and the decision to import and export: theory and evidenceKasahara, Hiroyuki; Lapham, Beverly
2008Sequential estimation of structural models with a fixed point constraintKasahara, Hiroyuki; Shimotsu, Katsumi
2013Does an R&D Tax Credit Affect R&D Expenditure? The Japanese R&D Tax Credit Reform in 2003Kasahara, Hiroyuki; Shimotsu, Katsumi; Suzuki, Michio
2013Does Importing Intermediates Increase the Demand for Skilled Workers? Plant-level Evidence from IndonesiaKasahara, Hiroyuki; Liang, Yawen; Rodrigue, Joel
2017The Causes of China's Great Famine, 1959-1961: County-Level EvidenceKasahara, Hiroyuki; Li, Bingjing
2020Causal impact of masks, policies, behavior on early COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S.Chernozhukov, Victor; Kasahara, Hiroyuki; Schrimpf, Paul
2020Nonparametric Identification of Production Function, Total Factor Productivity, and Markup from Revenue DataKasahara, Hiroyuki; Sugita, Yoichi
2021The Association of Opening K-12 Schools and Colleges with the Spread of Covid-19 in the United States: County-Level Panel Data AnalysisChernozhukov, Victor; Kasahara, Hiroyuki; Schrimpf, Paul
2021The association of opening K-12 schools and colleges with the spread of COVID-19 in the United States: Country-level panel data analysisChernozhukov, Victor; Kasahara, Hiroyuki; Shrimpf, Paul
2023The Effect of Bank Recapitalization Policy on Credit Allocation, Investment, and Productivity: Evidence from a Banking Crisis in JapanKasahara, Hiroyuki; Sawada, Yasuyuki; Suzuki, Michio