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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2007 Theoretical unification in justice and beyondJasso, Guillermina
2007 A new unified theory of sociobehavioral forcesJasso, Guillermina
2007 Distributive justice and CEO compensationJasso, Guillermina; Meyersson Milgrom, Eva M.
2007 The terms and relations of comparison, referential, and relative processesJasso, Guillermina
2007 A new continuous distribution and two new families of distributions based on the exponentialJasso, Guillermina; Kotz, Samuel
2007 Studying justice: measurement, estimation, and analysis of the actual reward and the just rewardJasso, Guillermina
2007 Two types of inequality: Inequality between persons and inequality between subgroupsJasso, Guillermina; Kotz, Samuel
2008 From illegal to legal: estimating previous illegal experience among new legal immigrants to the United StatesJasso, Guillermina; Massey, Douglas S.; Rosenzweig, Mark Richard; Smith, James P.
2008 Shall we kill or enslave Caesar? Analyzing the Caesar modelJasso, Guillermina
2008 Selection criteria and the skill composition of immigrants: a comparative analysis of Australian and US employment immigrationJasso, Guillermina; Rosenzweig, Mark Richard
2008 A new model of wage determination and wage inequalityJasso, Guillermina
2009 Linking individuals and societiesJasso, Guillermina
2009 Ethnicity and the immigration of highly skilled workers to the United StatesJasso, Guillermina
2011 Migration and stratificationJasso, Guillermina
2016 (In)Equality and (In)JusticeJasso, Guillermina