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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2008 Which government interventions are good in alleviating credit market failures?Janda, Karel
2009 Sustainability of Microfinance Institutions in Financial CrisisDokulilová, Lenka; Janda, Karel; Zetek, Pavel
2009 Vyplácí se podporovat exportní úvěry?Janda, Karel; Michalíková, Eva; Potácelová, Věra
2009 Investing into microfinance investment fundsJanda, Karel; Svárovská, Barbora
2009 The estimation of complete almost ideal demand system from Czech housold budget survey dataJanda, Karel; Mikolášek, Jakub; Netuka, Martin
2011 Comparing American and European Regulation of Over-the- Counter Derivative SecuritiesJanda, Karel; Rausser, Gordon
2011 Demand for gasoline is more price-inelastic than it is commonly thoughtHavránek, Tomáš; Iršová, Zuzana; Janda, Karel
2011 Credit guarantees and subsidies when lender has a market powerJanda, Karel
2011 Modeling the Environmental and Socio-Economic Impacts of BiofuelsJanda, Karel; Krištoufek, Ladislav; Zilberman, David
2012 Economic loss in Czech photovoltaic power plantsPrůša, Jan; Klimešová, Andrea; Janda, Karel
2012 Credit support for export: Econometric evidence from the Czech RepublicJanda, Karel; Michalíková, Eva; Skuhrovec, Jiří
2012 Correlations between biofuels and related commodities: A taxonomy perspectiveKrištoufek, Ladislav; Janda, Karel; Zilberman, David
2013 Non-linear price transmission between biofuels, fuels and food commoditiesKrištoufek, Ladislav; Janda, Karel; Zilberman, David
2013 The performance of export credit agencies in post-communist Central European countriesJanda, Karel; Michalíková, Eva; Psenakova, Lucia
2014 The perspectives for genetically modified cellulosic ethanol in the Czech RepublicBlahova, Pavla; Janda, Karel; Kristoufek, Ladislav
2014 Selective reporting and the social cost of carbonHavránek, Tomáš; Iršová, Zuzana; Janda, Karel; Zilberman, David
2014 Export Credit Agencies in the Czech Republic and Their Market PowerJanda, Karel
2016 Foods, Fuels or Finances: Which Prices Matter for Biofuels?Filip, Ondrej; Janda, Karel; Kristoufek, Ladislav; Zilberman, David
2017 The Merit Order Effect of Czech Photovoltaic PlantsLunackova, Petra; Pruša, Jan; Janda, Karel
2017 Influence of Renewable Energy Sources on Electricity Transmission Networks in Central EuropeJanda, Karel; Malek, Jan; Recka, Lukas