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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1985Gross and Net Capital, Productivity, and the Form of the Survival Function - Some Norwegian EvidenceBiørn, Erik; Holmøy, Erling; Olsen, Øystein
1988A Note on Myopic Decision Rules in the Neoclassical Theory of Producer BehaviourHolmøy, Erling; Olsen, Øystein
1992Dynamic Equilibrium Adjustments to a Terms of Trade DisturbanceBye, Brita; Holmøy, Erling
1994Effective Rates of Assistance for Norwegian IndustriesHolmøy, Erling; Hægeland, Torbjørn; Olsen, Øystein
1995Effective Rates of Assistance for Norwegian IndustriesHolmøy, Erling; Hægeland, Torbjørn
1997Aggregate Productivity Effects of Technology Shocks in a Model of Heterogeneous Firms: The Importance of Equilibrium AdjustmentsHolmøy, Erling; Hægeland, Torbjørn
1998A General Equilibrium Evaluation of Aggregate Welfare Effects from Improved Sectoral Efficiency. Empirical Evidence for NorwayHolmøy, Erling
1999Welfare Effects of Trade Liberalisation in Distorted Economies A Dynamic General Equilibrium Assessment for NorwayFæhn, Taran; Holmøy, Erling
2000Aggregate Productivity and Heterogeneous FirmsHolmøy, Erling; Hægeland, Torbjørn
2001Trade Liberalisation and Effects on Pollutive Emissions and Waste A General Equilibrium Assessment for NorwayFæhn, Taran; Holmøy, Erling
2003Aggregate Industry Behaviour in a Monopolistic Competition Model with Heterogeneous FirmsHolmøy, Erling
2003A Theory-Based Measure of the Output of the Education SectorErvik, Astrid Oline; Holmøy, Erling; Hægeland, Torbjørn
2004Population ageing and fiscal sustainability: An integrated micro-macro analysis of required tax changesAaberge, Rolf; Colombino, Ugo; Holmøy, Erling; Strøm, Birger; Wennemo, Tom
2004The Social Cost of Government Spending in an Economy with Large Tax Distortions. A CGE Decomposition for NorwayHolmøy, Erling; Strøm, Birger
2005Macroeconomic effects of proposed pension reforms in NorwayFredriksen, Dennis; Heide, Kim Massey; Holmøy, Erling; Solli, Ingeborg Foldøy
2005Is Norway immune to Dutch Disease? CGE Estimates of Sustainable Wage Growth and De-industrialisationHolmøy, Erling; Heide, Kim Massey
2005The Anatomy of Electricity Demand: A CGE Decomposition for NorwayHolmøy, Erling
2006Removing policy based comparative advantage for energy intensive production. Necessary adjustments of the real exchange rate and industry structureBye, Torstein; Holmøy, Erling; Heide, Kim Massey
2006Can welfare states outgrow their fiscal sustainability problems?Holmøy, Erling
2006Real appreciation as an automatic channel for redistribution of increased government non-tax revenueHolmøy, Erling