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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2002 Can food-for-work programmes reduce vulnerability?Barrett, Christopher B.; Holden, Stein; Clay, Daniel C.
2011 Collective versus Individual Property: Tenure Security and Forest Tenure Reforms in ChinaHolden, Stein; Xu, Jintao; Jiang, Xuemei
2012 The Role of Land Certification in Reducing Gender Gaps in Productivity in Rural EthiopiaBezabih, Mintewab; Holden, Stein; Mannberg, Andrea
2012 Impact of land certification on tree growing on private plots of rural households: Evidence from EthiopiaMekonnen, Alemu; Ghebru, Hosaena; Holden, Stein; Kassie, Menale
2013 Land Access and Youth Livelihood Opportunities in Southern EthiopiaHolden, Stein; Bezu, Sosina
2013 Joint Land Certification and Intra-household Decision-making:Towards Empowerment of Wives?Holden, Stein; Bezu, Sosina
2013 The Roles of Land Tenure Reforms and Land Markets in the Context of Population Growth and Land Use Intensification in AfricaHolden, Stein; Otsuka, Keijiro
2013 Can area measurement error explain the inverse farm size productivity relationship?Holden, Stein; Fisher, Monica
2013 Input subsidies and improved maize varieties in Malawi: -What can we learn from the impacts in a drought year?Holden, Stein; Mangisoni, Julius
2013 High discount rates: - An artifact caused by poorly framed experiments or a result of people being poor and vulnerable?Holden, Stein
2013 Links between Tenure Security and Food Security: Evidence from EthiopiaGhebru, Hosaena; Holden, Stein
2013 Unbundling Land Administrative Reform: Demand for Second Stage Land Certification in EthiopiaBezu, Sosina; Holden, Stein
2013 Input subsidies and demand for improved maize: Relative prices and household heterogeneity matter!Holden, Stein
2013 Amazing maize in Malawi: Input subsidies, factor productivity and land use intensificationHolden, Stein
2014 Are Wives less Selfish than their Husbands? Evidence from Hawk-Dove Game Field ExperimentsHolden, Stein; Bezu, Sosina
2014 Explaining anomalies in intertemporal choice: A mental zooming theoryHolden, Stein
2014 Does Ethiopia's Productive Safety Net Program Improve Child Nutrition?Legesse Debela, Bethelhem; Shively, Gerald; Holden, Stein
2014 Agricultural Household Models for Malawi:Household Heterogeneity, Market Characteristics, Agricultural Productivity, Input Subsidies, and Price Shocks. A Baseline ReportHolden, Stein
2014 Joint Land Certification, Gendered Preferences, and Land-related Decisions: Are Wives Getting More Involved?Holden, Stein; Bezu, Sosina
2014 Economy-wide effects of input subsidies in Malawi: Market imperfections and household heterogeneitySkjeflo, Sofie Waage; Holden, Stein