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2007 Run-prone banking and asset marketsHoerova, Marie
2009 Interbank lending, credit risk premia and collateralHeider, Florian; Hoerova, Marie
2009 Liquidity hoarding and interbank market spreads: the role of counterparty riskHeider, Florian; Hoerova, Marie; Holthausen, Cornelia
2009 What do asset prices have to say about risk appetite and uncertainty?Bekaert, Geert; Hoerova, Marie; Scheicher, Martin
2009 Money talksHoerova, Marie; Monnet, Cyril; Temzelides, Ted
2012 Risk, uncertainty and monetary policyBekaert, Geert; Hoerova, Marie; Lo Duca, Marco
2012 Clearing, counterparty risk and aggregate riskBiais, Bruno; Heider, Florian; Hoerova, Marie
2012 Risk-sharing or risk-taking? Counterparty risk, incentives and marginsBiais, Bruno; Heider, Florian; Hoerova, Marie
2013 Risk, uncertainty and monetary policyBekaert, Geert; Hoerova, Marie; Lo Duca, Marco
2014 Commonality in hedge fund returns: driving factors and implicationsBussière, Matthieu; Hoerova, Marie; Klaus, Benjamin
2014 The VIX, the variance premium and stock market volatilityBekaert, Geert; Hoerova, Marie
2016 Lending-of-last-resort is as lending-of-last-resort does: central bank liquidity provision and interbank market functioning in the euro areaGarcia-de-Andoain, Carlos; Heider, Florian; Hoerova, Marie; Manganelli, Simone
2017 On collateral: Implications for financial stability and monetary policyCorradin, Stefano; Hoerova, Marie; Heider, Florian
2018 Variation margins, fire sales, and information-constrained optimalityBiais, Bruno; Heider, Florian; Hoerova, Marie
2018 Benefits and costs of liquidity regulationHoerova, Marie; Mendicino, Caterina; Nikolov, Kalin; Schepens, Glenn; Van den Heuvel, Skander
2019 Money markets, collateral and monetary policyDe Fiore, Fiorella; Hoerova, Marie; Uhlig, Harald
2020 Money markets, central bank balance sheet and regulationCorradin, Stefano; Eisenschmidt, Jens; Hoerova, Marie; Linzert, Tobias; Schepens, Glenn; Sigaux, Jean-David