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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2002 A General Theory of Price and Quantity Aggregation and Welfare MeasurementHillinger, Claude
2004 Voting and the Cardinal Aggregation of JudgmentsHillinger, Claude
2004 On the Possibility of Democracy and Rational Collective ChoiceHillinger, Claude
2004 Utilitarian Collective Choice and VotingHillinger, Claude
2005 The Case for Utilitarian VotingHillinger, Claude
2005 Evidence and Ideology in Macroeconomics: The Case of Investment CyclesHillinger, Claude
2006 Science and Ideology in Economic, Political, and Social ThoughtHillinger, Claude
2007 Measurement in Economics and Social ScienceHillinger, Claude
2007 Measuring real value and inflationHillinger, Claude
2007 Science and ideology in economic, political and social thoughtHillinger, Claude
2008 How to deal with the US financial crisis at no cost to the taxpayerHillinger, Claude
2008 The Quantity Theory of Money is Valid. The New Keynesians are Wrong!Hillinger, Claude; Süssmuth, Bernd
2008 Measuring Real Value and InflationHillinger, Claude
2008 Measuring Real Value and InflationHillinger, Claude
2008 Science and Ideology in Economic, Political and Social ThoughtHillinger, Claude
2010 The crisis and beyond: thinking outside the boxHillinger, Claude
2010 The quantity theory of money: An assessment of its real linchpin predictionHillinger, Claude; Süssmuth, Bernd
2010 The crisis and beyond: Thinking outside the boxHillinger, Claude
2012 The quantity theory of money and Friedmanian monetary policy: An empirical investigationHillinger, Claude; Süssmuth, Bernd; Sunder, Marco