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2013Do pay-as-bid auctions favor collusion? Evidence from Germany's market for reserve powerHeim, Sven; Goetz, Georg
2013Do pay-as-bid auctions favor collusion? Evidence from Germany's market for reserve powerHeim, Sven; Götz, Georg
2014A vision of the European energy future? The impact of the German response to the Fukushima earthquakeGrossi, Luigi; Heim, Sven; Waterson, Michael
2015Deregulation, competition, and consolidation: The case of the German interurban bus industryDürr, Niklas S.; Heim, Sven; Hüschelrath, Kai
2015The duration of the EC merger control process: Determinants and the impact of the 2004 merger regulation reformHeim, Sven; Hüschelrath, Kai; Laitenberger, Ulrich
2015Kapazitätsmechanismen als Rettungsschirm der Energiewende? Zur Versorgungssicherheit bei hohen Anteilen fluktuierender erneuerbarer Energien im StromsystemReeg, Matthias; Brandt, Robert; Gawel, Erik; Heim, Sven; Korte, Klaas; Lehmann, Paul; Massier, Philipp; Schober, Dominik; Wassermann, Sandra
2015Electricity market integration and the impact of unilateral policy reformsGrossi, Luigi; Heim, Sven; Hüschelrath, Kai; Waterson, Michael
2016Strategic capacity withholding through failures in the German-Austrian electricity marketBergler, Julian; Heim, Sven; Hüschelrath, Kai
2016Non-sequential search, competition and price dispersion in retail electricityGugler, Klaus; Heim, Sven; Liebensteiner, Mario
2016The impact of state aid on the survival and financial viability of aided firmsHeim, Sven; Hüschelrath, Kai; Schmidt-Dengler, Philipp; Strazzeri, Maurizio
2017Minority share acquisitions and collusion: Evidence from the introduction of national leniency programsHeim, Sven; Hüschelrath, Kai; Laitenberger, Ulrich; Spiegel, Yossi
2018Market liberalization: Price dispersion, price discrimination and consumer search in the German electricity marketsGugler, Klaus; Heim, Sven; Janssen, Maarten C. W.; Liebensteiner, Mario
2018Unbundling, regulation and pricing: Evidence from electricity distributionHeim, Sven; Krieger, Bastian; Liebensteiner, Mario
2019Rockets and feathers: Asymmetric pricing and consumer search - Evidence from electricity retailingHeim, Sven
2021Measuring the effects of COVID-19-related night curfews: Empirical evidence from Germanyde Haas, Samuel; Goetz, Georg; Heim, Sven
2021Support for renewable energy: The case of wind powerGermeshausen, Robert; Heim, Sven; Wagner, Ulrich J.