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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999 Immigrant Assimilation and Welfare Participation: Do Immigrants Assimilate Into or Out-of WelfareHansen, Jörgen; Lofstrom, Magnus
1999 Subjective Discount Rates, Intergenerational Transfers and the Return to SchoolingBelzil, Christian; Hansen, Jörgen
1999 Endogenous Schooling and the Distribution of the Gender Wage GapHansen, Jörgen; Wahlberg, Roger
2000 The Duration of Immigrants? Unemployment Spells: Evidence from SwedenHansen, Jörgen
2000 Occupational Gender Composition and Wages in SwedenHansen, Jörgen; Wahlberg, Roger
2001 Heterogeneous Returns to Human Capital and Dynamic Self-SelectionBelzil, Christian; Hansen, Jörgen
2001 The Dynamics of Immigrant Welfare and Labor Market BehaviorHansen, Jörgen; Lofstrom, Magnus
2002 A Structural Analysis of the Correlated Random Coefficient Wage Regression ModelBelzil, Christian; Hansen, Jörgen
2002 Earnings Dispersion, Risk Aversion and EducationBelzil, Christian; Hansen, Jörgen
2002 Unobserved Ability and the Return to SchoolingBelzil, Christian; Hansen, Jörgen
2003 Household Labor Supply and Welfare Participation in SwedenFlood, Lennart; Hansen, Jörgen; Wahlberg, Roger
2003 Structural estimates of the intergenerational education correlationBelzil, Christian; Hansen, Jörgen
2004 Poverty Persistence in SwedenHansen, Jörgen; Wahlberg, Roger
2005 A structural analysis of the correlated random coefficient wage regression model with an application to the ols-iv puzzleBelzil, Christian; Hansen, Jörgen
2006 Immigrant-native differences in welfare participation: the role of entry and exit ratesHansen, Jörgen; Lofstrom, Magnus
2006 State dependence in Canadian welfare participationHansen, Jörgen; Lofstrom, Magnus; Zhang, Xuelin
2008 Calibration and IV estimation of a wage outcome equation in a dynamic environmentBelzil, Christian; Hansen, Jörgen
2008 Estimating complementarity between education and trainingBelzil, Christian; Hansen, Jörgen; Kristensen, Nicolai
2010 Wages and immigrant occupational composition in SwedenHansen, Jörgen; Wahlberg, Roger; Faisal, Sharif
2010 The distinction between dictatorial and incentive policy interventions and its implication for IV estimationBelzil, Christian; Hansen, Jörgen