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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2001 Time for Children, a Study of Parents' Time AllocationHallberg, Daniel; Klevmarken, Anders
2002 Synchronous Leisure, Jointness and Household Labor SupplyHallberg, Daniel
2002 Turnover and Price in the Housing Market: Causation, Association or Independence?Hallberg, Daniel; Johansson, Per
2003 A Description of Routes out of the Labor Force for Workers in SwedenHallberg, Daniel
2004 Private Alternatives and Early Retirement ProgramsEklöf, Matias; Hallberg, Daniel
2004 Does Swedish Time-Use Data from 1984 and 1993 Support the Unitary Model?Hallberg, Daniel
2006 Cross-national differences in income poverty among Europe´s 50+Hallberg, Daniel
2006 Estimating retirement behavior with special early retirement offersEklöf, Matias; Hallberg, Daniel
2007 Simulating the future of the Swedish baby-boom generationsKlevmarken, N. Anders; Bolin, Kristian; Eklöf, Matias; Flood, Lennart; Fransson, Urban; Hallberg, Daniel; Höjgård, Sören; Lindgren, Björn; Mitrut, Andrea; Lagergren, Mårten
2007 Moving in and out of public geriatric care in SwedenHallberg, Daniel; Lagergren, Mårten
2008 Economic fluctuations and retirement of older employeesHallberg, Daniel
2011 Study achievement for students with kidsHallberg, Daniel; Lindh, Thomas; éZamac, Jovan
2014 Early retirement and post retirement healthHallberg, Daniel; Johansson, Per; Josephson, Malin
2014 Early Retirement and Post Retirement HealthHallberg, Daniel; Johansson, Per; Josephson, Malin
2018 A nudge to quit? The effect of a change in pension information on annuitization, labor supply and retirement choices among older workersHagen, Johannes; Hallberg, Daniel; Sjögren Lindquist, Gabriella