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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1993 Theoriegrundlagen moderner IndustriepolitikHahn, Franz R.
2001 Risk-taking and Solvency Regulation in Banking - A CommentHahn, Franz R.
2001 How to Design an Optimal Rate Covenant in a Standard Debt Contract. An Application of the Risk-Sharing ParadigmHahn, Franz R.
2001 Macroprudential Financial Regulation and Monetary PolicyHahn, Franz R.
2002 The Politics of Financial Development. The Case of AustriaHahn, Franz R.
2002 The Effects of Bank Capital on Bank Credit Creation. Panel Evidence from AustriaHahn, Franz R.
2002 Financial Development and Output Growth Fluctuation. Evidence from OECD CountriesHahn, Franz R.
2002 The Finance-Growth Nexus Revisited. New Evidence from OECD CountriesHahn, Franz R.
2003 Financial Development and Macroeconomic Volatility. Evidence from OECD CountriesHahn, Franz R.
2003 Fully-Funded Public Old Age Pension Programs - Stranger Than Paradise?Hahn, Franz R.
2003 Finance and the Business Cycle. The Ricardian PerspectiveHahn, Franz R.
2003 Long-run Homogeneity of Labour Demand. Panel Evidence from OECD CountriesHahn, Franz R.
2004 Mergers and Acquisitions in the Austrian Banking Sector. A Performance AnalysisHahn, Franz R.
2004 Measuring Performance. A Multiple-Stage ApproachHahn, Franz R.
2004 Finance-Growth Nexus and the P-Bias. Evidence from OECD CountriesHahn, Franz R.
2005 Testing for Profitability and Contestability in BankingHahn, Franz R.
2005 X-Efficiency and International Banking. Micro-Evidence from OECD-based BanksHahn, Franz R.
2005 Environmental Determinants of Banking Efficiency in AustriaHahn, Franz R.
2006 Finance-Growth Linkage and Risk Diversification. Evidence from OECD CountriesHahn, Franz R.
2006 Endogenous Bank Mergers and Their Impact on Banking PerformanceEgger, Peter; Hahn, Franz R.