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2002 Financial contagion, interest rates and the role of the exchange rate as shock absorber in Central and Eastern EuropeHabib, Maurizio Michael
2007 Are there oil currencies? The real exchange rate of oil exporting countriesHabib, Maurizio Michael; Kalamova, Margarita Manolova
2008 Foreign-currency bonds: currency choice and the role of uncovered and covered interest parityHabib, Maurizio Michael; Joy, Mark
2008 Oil exporters: in search of an external anchorHabib, Maurizio Michael; Stráský, Jan
2010 Excess returns on net foreign assets: the exorbitant privilege from a global perspectiveHabib, Maurizio Michael
2011 Getting beyond carry trade: what makes a safe haven currency?Habib, Maurizio Michael; Stracca, Livio
2012 Global exchange rate configurations: Do oil shocks matter?Buetzer, Sascha; Habib, Maurizio Michael; Stracca, Livio
2013 Foreign investors and risk shocks: seeking a safe haven or running for the exit?Habib, Maurizio Michael; Stracca, Livio
2015 Financial exposure to the euro area before and after the crisis: home bias and institutions at homeFloreani, Vincent Arthur; Habib, Maurizio Michael
2016 The real exchange rate and economic growth: revisiting the case using external instrumentsHabib, Maurizio Michael; Mileva, Elitza; Stracca, Livio
2017 The portfolio of euro area fund investors and ECB monetary policy announcementsBubeck, Johannes; Manganelli, Simone; Habib, Maurizio Michael
2019 The global capital flows cycle: Structural drivers and transmission channelsHabib, Maurizio Michael; Venditti, Fabrizio