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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012 Intergenerational income persistency in urban ChinaQuheng, Deng; Gustafsson, Björn Anders; Li, Shi
2014 Yuan and Roubles: Comparing Wage Determination in Urban China and Russia at the Beginning of the New MillenniumGustafsson, Björn Anders; Li, Shi; Nivorozhkina, Ludmila; Wan, Haiyuan
2014 Data for Studying Earnings, the Distribution of Household Income and Poverty in ChinaGustafsson, Björn Anders; Li, Shi; Sato, Hiroshi
2014 Mapping and Understanding Ethnic Disparities in Length of Schooling: The Case of Ningxia Autonomous Region, ChinaGustafsson, Björn Anders; Sai, Ding
2014 Why Is There No Income Gap Between the Hui Muslim Minority and the Han Majority in Rural Ningxia, China?Gustafsson, Björn Anders; Sai, Ding
2015 Are China's Ethnic Minorities Less Likely to Move?Gustafsson, Björn Anders; Yang, Xiuna
2016 Age at Immigration Matters for Labor Market Integration: The Swedish ExampleGustafsson, Björn Anders; Mac Innes, Hanna; Österberg, Torun
2016 Earnings among Nine Ethnic Minorities and the Han Majority in China's CitiesGustafsson, Björn Anders; Yang, Xiuna
2016 Why Do Some Young Adults Not Graduate from Upper Secondary School? On the Importance of Signals of Labour Market FailureGustafsson, Björn Anders; Katz, Katarina; Österberg, Torun
2016 Charitable Donations by China's Private EnterprisesGustafsson, Björn Anders; Yang, Xiuna; Shuge, Gang; Jianzhong, Dai
2016 Residential Segregation from Generation to Generation: Intergenerational Association in Socio-Spatial Context among Visible Minorities and the Majority Population in Metropolitan SwedenGustafsson, Björn Anders; Katz, Katarina; Österberg, Torun
2017 Older People in Sweden Without Means: On the Importance of Age at Immigration for Being 'Twice Poor'Gustafsson, Björn Anders; Mac Innes, Hanna; Österberg, Torun
2019 Growing into Relative Income Poverty: Urban China 1988 to 2013Gustafsson, Björn Anders; Sai, Ding
2019 Catching up with the West: Chinese Pathways to the Global Middle ClassGustafsson, Björn Anders; Yang, Xiuna; Sicular, Terry